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Hey guys. Brandon here. All round average guy surviving the Lagos jungleness, and ”by forcing” the social life that has blatantly refused to belong to me. And this brings us to my issue today. Here’s a picture of me by the way. But the girl by the side is Clay. More about her in a bit.

boxingboy01_stickfigure Clay

The advice is I need is straight forward. How do I attend 3 events at the same time?I mean without doing Naruto’s Replication Move?(Or Kage Bushin Jitsu for you die hard fans)


What events do I have to attend? First of all…I play in a band. Yes……a band. I have a rock star friend named Clay who jams with a band and I have performed with them a couple of times. Tonight sha she has a show at Oriental Hotel. Some Beer Fest thing for expatriates. So basically she’s just going to go and jam rock hits from oyinbo people, and chop chop  go full ground. So while that is going on, there’s also Africa International Film Festival AFRIFF 2016 Programme Launch Party, at Intercontinental Hotel, and my bossman has said I need to swing by there and do some work, and represent the house. See my invite sef. Ignore the black line i put on it, na make dem no take am do bad tin.


Fam!! These 2 gigs are happening at the same damn time. Whether they do African time or not sha, they will be in full swing at the same time. Meanwhile, the rock show gig, is supposed to determine whether my friends and I will actually start making some money for the band, because one of the oyinbo people just started a label in Ikoyi, for alternative music and he has connects to clubs and bars that do live band and pay well.

I’m even supposed to be part of the negotiation process which will come before and after the show.

And this one is not the oya just show up and do 15mins and go, anywhere I eventually go to, omo na dier i dey the whole night oh. It cant even be all this lemme do Flash and be shooting through 2 venues coz me sef no get dat kine energy.

So my options;

Go and jam with my friends and psych my boss that ehn I went for the Afriff but *insert mumu excuse here*

Or do I forego the rock show, and just go do my work and hope to jam with them another day. Although to be fair, maybe I can leave AFRIFF eventually, and still catch some fun at the Oriental gig…….*maybe*wipes tears*


Oya oh!! What should i do? Please epp me!!




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