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It’s finally Friday which means girls are all over the world are prepping for a girlie night on the town. And, ladies being ladies, we want to get all dressed up and look our best because the glamour is definitely part of the fun of the night. Here’s how you should be getting ready:

The Mission: When getting ready, you must have in mind the perception you want to create. Remember that people will treat you the way you are dressed. There has to be a balance. If you know you’re going out for the sole purpose of bae finding, yeah wear your tight little LBD but at the same time, avoid looking like a street walker. We like to stick to the ‘one asset at a time’ rule. If your dress is super short, make sure your boobs aren’t all over the place. If you’re showing off the titties, make sure your dress isn’t so tiny they can see your destiny. Figuring out the balance is a major key.

night out1


Showing off skin: Do not show off too much skin because like emphasized, it will give the wrong idea. The best technique is to showcase your best feature (leg, hands etc) and not all your features.

Balance casual and glamorous: Having in mind the kind of night out you are having you have to balance your outfit. Don’t look overly dressed up cos you’ll stand out (and not in a good way). Also, don’t dress too casual that you don’t fit in or you aren’t taken seriously. Basically don’t wear a wedding dress or your pyjamas to a night out.

Hair and makeup: Given that you will be out for hours in probably a crowded place, you don’t want to have draggy makeup on. The same rule for the clothes applies here- don’t have too much on.

night out2

Shoes: Since you will be on your feet for most hours of the night, choose comfortable shoes like wedges. The other option will be to have a pair of slippers or flat sandals in your bag in case of emergency, when your feet gets tired.

People often overlook the essentials of getting dressed for a night out. With these tips, you will enjoy your night with friends to the fullest.


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Written by Judith Achinedu

Images: thehunt.com, Alibaba.com