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It’s finally Friday again!!! Turn up time! Sure, some of you might decide to go home after a hard days work and rest; maybe curl up with a loved one, watch a movie or two, just generally take it easy.


‘This is lowkey how most alpha males chill out.’

And then there’s those of you who want to be like me and hit the town! Bars, clubs, maybe even Silver Fox if we’re feeling particularly cheeky (if you know, you know… You know?)- wherever there’s loud music, lots of friends and flowing liquor, that is where I want to be tonight.

Picture of rock concert, music festival, New Year eve celebration, party in nightclub, dance floor, disco club, many people standing with raised hands up and clapping, happiness and night life concept

‘There’s no exercise for your arms quite like clubbing.’

However, that is not where my bank account wants to be tonight. Turning up isn’t exactly cheap in Lagos. Quite a few of the bars and clubs don’t serve individual drinks on Friday; it’s either the whole bottle or nothing. So the bill at the end of the night tends to be a bit steep. I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve been walking out the gate at Vapours, Sip or Quilox and seen people arguing with staff about their bill (Yes, I tend to stay out that late… And So?).

turn up

Girl: Do you know who I am!? Waiter: Yes- you are Broke. 

Please, abeg guys, if your wallet is not in a clubbing mood, respect yourself and stay in your house! Lagos streets are sweet at night, I know. But you know what else is sweet- not being embarrassed at the end of the night. It’s actually ok to not go out. Accelerate and Chill is a perfectly acceptable way of spending a Friday night. Especially with bae next to you.

turn up

‘She’s not a bottle of Henny…but hey, at least she smells nice.’

So if your wallet no fit, join me, balance at home and have sweet, sweet dreams of pay day next week. And if your wallet is popping, turn up and go out tonight- lowo, lola and lalafia for us all.

Written by Tamara Aihie

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