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Hallelujah, the weekend is finally upon us again! Two work-free days where you can get up to whatever it is you want- where you can finally be the animal you really want to be.

The thing is different animals want different things. There’s the lion; wild and ferocious, ready to take the whole weekend and rip it to shreds. And there’s also the mountain bear, who is ready for total hibernation and has no plans to step out of his bedroom for two days straight.

So tell us, what’s your spirit animal this weekend? Are you a wolf (cunning and crafy, looking for who to attack) or a mouse (timid and shy, not really up for much)? Or are you a bee (ready to sting someone) or an elephant (big, loud, proud and in the mood to command everyone’s attention)?

Tell us what your animal is in the comments and remember that whatever you choose, make sure it has the very best weekend it can.


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