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Oh you don’t believe they are alike? Fine then, if you have seen Avengers: Infinity War and you have seen from Season 6 to 8 of The Walking Dead, then you are familiar with these 2 stone cold villains that both make great dialogues. So let us take you through the twisted similarities between these two characters who you love to hate but truly hate to see them win.

Thanos & Negan are similar in these 3 ways;

1- Someone thinks they can take them down until they get a big evil surprise

Thanos- At first, Loki thought he could pull one of his stunts and get the best of Thanos, but shocker, the serial planet destroyer is not one to fall for tricks of a mere god of mischief.

Negan- At first, Rick Grimes thought Negan was just another obstacle he could eliminate and move on with his life and his group, but shocker, Negan was 3 steps and 3 routes ahead of Rick and he brutally put some morbid fear into Rick that he fell in line…for a while at least.

2- Both of them have a twisted attachment to a certain female even in their evil

Thanos- Emotionally attached to Gamora (Guardians Of The Galaxy) who we see in Avengers:Infinity War during a flashback showing how the bond between them was formed. Through the course of Infinity War, it is crystal clear that Gamora spends a lot of time on Thanos’ mind and in his heart.

Negan- His dead wife Lucille is whom he named his barbed wire wrapped baseball bat after, and he loses his mind if anyone else touches it….or her….as he calls it……or her!!

3- Their intentions make some sense but the plans to carry them out are super evil

Thanos- Thanos wishes to wipe out worlds and reduce planetary populations to give the universe a steady balance. To be honest, wanting some balance in the universe is a noble intention, but the genocidal approach is what’s totally uncool.

Negan- Negan wants everyone to be organized, to contribute to the new system, by producing food and other resources. He believes in  preserving lives for this purpose. He prefers that everyone works together, as far as he rules over them all, and then occasionally kills opposers while taking the wives of his followers and ruling them in fear.

4- They both caused a formidable group to break apart and fight for survival

Thanos- He caused the Avengers to split between worlds without even coming to earth. Had the Guardians, Iron Man, Spiderman and Dr Strange in one planet, while the rest of the Avengers are holding their ground way over in Wakanda.

Negan- Negan split Rick’s group by taking away Darrel, and causing some of the other members of the group to move over to the hilltop, while some found themselves in ”The Kingdom” and others remained in Alexandria.

As for a final similarity between them……….ok…….nah….that’ll be such a spoiler ( But if you know how Avengers: Infinity War ends, yeah Negan did something similar when he met Rick). Let’s revisit this when everyone has seen the 3rd installment of The Avengers!! So do you know any more examples of their similar bad behaviour?

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