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Here is a list of legendary Nigerian albums that are most likely going to make the list of greatest albums to come out of this side of Africa


10. Asa- Asha

Maybe this was the album that helped the Nigerian industry and fans starts to embrace alternative sounds. Maybe this was the album that prepared Nigerians for future acts like Bez, and the Odunsi’s of today. This great body of work by Asa took us all by surprise when it brought unforgettable hits like ‘Jailer’, ‘Fire on the mountain’, ‘Bibanke’ and so much more, and had everyone on the streets, at homes in public buses singing along.


 9. Dagrin- CEO

This album is credited by some, as the pacesetter for other indigenous rap acts in Nigeria. Dagrin’s ‘CEO’ was the body of work that housed the legendary hits that made his unfortunate passing to cause such an uproar. Bangers like ‘Pon Pon Pon’ and ‘Kondo’ were some of the great songs on this album that wins it a spot on this list.


8. Dbanj- The Entertainer

Dbanj in his prime had ‘The Entertainer’ album out with ‘Mogbono Feli Feli’, ‘Suddenly’, ‘Igwe’, and ‘Fall in love’ as leading singles, banging on the radio all at the same time. Of course Dbanj had bigger hits than some of the some of the songs on this album, but as those were majorly singles exclusive of specific compilations, The Entertainer is the one album where the hits were packed together and is regarded as the highest point of Dbanj’s Discography.

7. 9ice- Gongo Aso

Do you remember what the song ‘Gongo Aso’ did to the airwaves, clubs and personal mobile phones from 2007 to 2008? The song was such a heavy banger that DJs saved it as their finishing move in the clubs, knowing that the catchy intro of the song would be received with widespread cheer. Following that energy came the other bangers on the album like ‘Party Rider’, ‘Photocopy’ and of course the hood anthem ‘Street Credibility’. These pieces of audio offered together on one project is why this outing by 9ice will always be counted as one of the greatest.



6. P-Square- Get Squared

When ‘Bizzy Body’ and ‘Get Squared’ were the hottest records on air in 2005, there was still a long list of songs that the entire nation could sing along to word for word including ‘Temptation’, ‘Say Your Love’, ‘Omoge Mi’, ‘Oga Police’ and more. ‘Get Squared’ was loaded. It was packed with bangers and soul serenading RnB anthems that will never be forgotten. And as such, this album will go down in history as a classic.



 5. M.I- Talk About It

The album that revolutionalized hiphop in Nigeria. The first hiphop album that females and non hiphop fans could spit bars along while it played. M.I took on the Nigerian scene with a whole album at once. His debut ‘’Talk About It’’ hit fans as a whole body of work, whereby everyone picked out their favorite singles from the whole list of super finely delivered songs. You had ‘Safe’, ‘Teaser’, ‘Fast Money Fast Cars’, ‘Short Black Boy’ and waaayy more jams on it. Of course this album will also be featured on every countdown of legendary or best Nigerian hiphop albums of all time.


4. Tuface- Face 2 Face


‘’African Queen’’ was one of the pioneering songs to put Nigerian music on the map. TuBaba’s ‘’Face to Face’’ was a National anthem of an album with hits like ‘’Nfana Igaba’’, ‘’Right Here’’, ‘’Ole’’, ‘’U no holy pass’’ and of Course ‘’Keep on rocking’’. Let it be known that we also considered the album after this, ‘’Grass to Grace’’ for this spot, as that too is another record with a heavy compilation of hits. We eventually chose ‘’Face to Face’’ because the power of African Queen shall be felt for more generations to come.


3. Mohits Records- Curriculum Vitae

Don’t be surprised if you ask 10 Nigerians about their favorite albums of all time, and at least 4 of them pick this same album. While everyone was buzzing about the D’banj and Don Jazzy records at the time, the entire Mohits squad came heavy on the CV album which featured hits in every corner with Wande Coal, D Prince and K Switch shining in their own moments. We are talking about the legendary ‘’Bootycall’’, ‘’Close to you’’, ‘’Move your body’’, ‘’Pere’’, ‘’Why Me Remix’’ and so many more hits. This album is an undisputed National Treasure.


2. Wande Coal- Mushin to Mohits

Let’s face it, this man is a huge part of the reason another album was featured on this countdown, and after shining through that body of work he came blazing on his debut solo outing and gave us a widely acclaimed and unskippable album. ‘’Mushin to Mohits’’ is an epic album that even converted non-fans of Naija music with its track by track offering of something special. If you were not dancing away with ‘’U Bad’’ or ‘’Bumper to Bumper’’, you were crooning along to ‘’Se na like this’’, ‘’Kiss your hand’’ or ‘’Who born the maga’’. No debates here, this belongs in an audio museum.


1. Wizkid- Superstar

The entire album was on the radio. The entire album was practically a hit single. In the age of personalized consumption of music by people and their smart phones, Wizkid’s superstar was the one album most people had on their devices, and would always tell you they could clear the album in one go without skipping a single song. The classics were all over the track list, Don’t Dull, Pakuromo, Love my baby, Tease me, Holla At your boy and so much more. Wizkid’s Superstar is the yardstick with which most modern albums are measured against, if you are talking legendary status.

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