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3. Big Mouth Season 2- October 5th

This twisted animated comedy series about a bunch of sexually charged kids has renewed its run and is coming for a second season, following decent reviews and reception of its first season. Big Mouth is one of those adult cartoons featuring untamed inappropriateness and more vulgar language than a DVD collection of American Pie. Here’s a trailer below:

2. Bojack Horseman Season 5- September 14th

After a long wait, Bojack is coming back for the 5th season. From the new trailer we see that our favorite ”celebrity Horseman has been” is getting back on his feet with a new show, but at the same time he seems to still be battling issues of depression, unresolved attachment problems, and the general Hollywood plague of trying to stay relevant. Can’t wait.

1. Narcos (Mexico) Season 4- November 16th

Pablo Escobar is gone, the Cali Cartel is gone, but the Narcos are here to stay. The hit series takes on Mexico following its previous tales of Columbia, as season 4 looks into the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel in the 1980s featuring Félix Gallardo.

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