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By @thepyropreacher

Yes he caused some problems, firstly by giving us an epic night of lyricism, stage presence and a hardcore performance in its simplest form, which as you may know already, resulted in a full day argument on social media about the support of, and the state of Nigerian hiphop. Sha let’s get into it.

The J.Cole Effect 1( The Nigerian HipHop Conversation)

To be honest it was more of an argument. Since J.Cole proved that Nigerians love hiphop and can bump to a 7 day old project word for word, many members of the entertainment industry spoke up saying that Nigerian hiphop needs to be supported. Here’s some of the remarks that stood out.

  • We can support J.Cole so let’s support our own dope artists
  • J Cole has proved there’s a market for hiphop, let’s grow this market.

  • It is not the fault of the fans, Nigerian artists should do better
  • So una like rap like this, but when M.I climb stage una go dey find small chops.

The J.Cole Effect 2: The Beef ( Nigerians V African Americans)

There was a rumour that J.Cole may not have been paid for publicity which is why he never posted anything about the show on his platforms before arriving Nigeria. After being overwhelmed by Nigerians rapping along to an album he released just a week ago, Jermaine took to his Instagram and let out 3 solid videos show casing the love from Nigerian hiphop heads.

Shebi that’s how the Americans started showing the most degrading concern, and some just throwing plain insults, talking about do they have Iphones in Nigeria, and do they have electricity bla bla annoying bla. Trust Nigerians, we ripped them apart in our clapbacks.


The J.Cole Effect 3: Wizkid & Davido Will Forever Be Great Artists, And Not Performers

Now to summarize the night in performances, J.Cole and his team adapted to the glitches in the sound production and ended up whipping out a fantastic display.

When Wizkid Performed; he did his Wizkid thing, you know, the typical visits to a couple of his songs which he never goes even halfway with. But while this happened he tried to manage the problematic sound. But are we really blaming just the sound? Even though your own performance of your song has absolutely nothing new and engaging about it?

Cant deny though, Starboy Wizzy had fans so pumped that one dude risked it all and climbed the stage and hurled himself at Wizkid. Unfortunately for him a bouncer caught him like Harry Potter catching the Golden Snitch, and flung him back into the crowd like you would fling a gym sock after use.

And then came Davido; To be very honest, we are giving Davido major props for at least trying to go the extra mile and bring something new. He had the white clad gymnast hanging from the ceiling and spinning on white cloth while a strong but also serene instrumental was banging in the background, after that he made his appearance by emerging from under the stage, encapsulated in one circle of white pillars.

Fans were hyped, and ready to lose their minds. But as we know, perfection is such a long shot. OBO was in sync with his band and sometimes actually laced some decent vocals, but on the down side, he screamed a lot, as opposed to actually performing the songs that we came there to enjoy. Yes the fans were excited when his fellow DMW acts came on stage to perform their hit single ”Mind”but las las, it was maximum energy, minimum substance.

Were you there? What do you think?

Image Credits: Jaguda, Castle Lite Twitter.

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