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By now you must have seen or heard that you can make your payments simply by taking a picture. But if you have not heard, we are not the sort to say you have been living under a rock or in a cave, you probably have your reasons. All the same, Pay With Capture 5.0 has hit us all like BOOM!

It is the Access Bank powered app that lets you pay from any of your bank accounts by just clicking you camera snap button, or a simple ID of who you are paying. Let’s sha break it down into the 3 awesome things you need to know about it. (Also see video below…Chigul will gist you)

Sweet Thing #1

How It Works- It is simple. You download the app and sign up. The merchant, or the person you are paying has the Pay With Capture stand, which is just a white plastic (or kpako) stand that has a barcode and an ID number.


Barcode and Merchant ID is on the other side of the photo

That barcode is what you take a picture of and input the amount and shikena!! You have paid. if you don’t feel like snapping the code, just use the ID that is on the plastic stand, input it and the amount. Finish.


Sweet Thing #2

Use all your cards and bank accounts- You know how you have 1 app for 1 bank account on your phone, then another app for another bank account on the same phone or a different phone? Yeah that’s a long thing. Now your 1 Pay With Capture app can take all your accounts and you can pay with anyone you like. Just select which account you wish to pay from and live your life biko.

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Sweet Thing #3

No bank discrimination- So about linking all your cards and accounts to the app, we mean….different banks. No matter the diverse banks you have accounts with, sign up the account and use whenever.

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If you haven’t already, download…..and just be great…….or rather, be Illimitable.

Oya watch Chigul.

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