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It sounds inaccurate right? That such a successful artist can be regarded as underrated. But following the definition of the word “Underrate” which simply means to underestimate or under appreciate the value or importance of something, and then matching this definition with the position of Falz in the Nigerian industry, then you would realize that technically, he is still underrated.

As successful as Falz is, shouldn’t he be on that Davido and Wizkid level of international acclaim, featuring on Fader magazine or going on the breakfast club with Charlamagne?

Let’s look at reasons why he totally should:

1.  AMVCA- Remember when Falz rapped “How many musicians do you know is having AMVCA“?  Let’s be honest, how many? These words were spoken while he still had one AMVCA for Jenifa’s Diairies, and now the rapper has 2 as he recently won another one for best supporting actor in the film “New Money”. If this was Hollywood, Falz would be on his way to an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar & Tony)


2. Lyrical Prowess- On every Falz album, you will find songs with themes beyond hip hop braggadocio. There is always a story telling and socially conscious performance on his project, such as the heart wrenching “Child Of The World” on his 27 album, or the deep rooted romance story he told on Time Difference from the Stories That Touch album.  Moral to the story… the boy can rap circles around some of your fave.

Random Recommendation: Listen to the song ‘’My Money’’ on the 27 album and hear him spit some relatable truths on business and clients.

3. Social Issues- From the parody of This Is America which blew up internationally and critiqued many Nigerian issues, to hosting the “On The Couch” series which facilitated the withdrawal of a presidential aspirant, we see that Falz is not just an enterprising and creative youth, but a socio-economically concerned individual who is actively joining every conversation to develop the nation. Fam this man is a National Treasure!

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