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Here are three ways to make working and navigating life from home a little better.
Once you ensure your space smells divine, you’d never remember that the lockdown is mandated. In fact, it may be an issue getting you outdoors well after the pandemic is over. 

I’m very auditory inclined and so are many of you but you may not know this yet.

There’s something about a strong, deep, rich scent that has the power to transport you to a completely different space of calmness, tranquillity and sometimes nostalgia (should the scent start to stir up memories).

Therefore being auditory inclined, the right kind of scents can be used as a form of self-care. For those who say diffusers are just ‘ orishirishi ’ i.e.  not-a-necessity

(Yes you can clean your house, sanitize it and spray air freshener after to achieve a nice smelling home but it surely won’t be a holiday.)

Using a diffusers takes things to a whole other level, it heals your soul, it heals your house and lasts longer than air fresheners which you may have to respray at certain points in time.

Now, these diffusers (especially the branded ones) tend to come at insane price points

so I’ve rounded up all the price-friendly

aroma-producing diffusers you need today.

I have to add that for the first time (courtesy Fusion Trendz)

I’ve actually come across diffusers that are price-friendly and will ensure your house smells like a holiday.

Scroll to see 3 ways to make working from home ten times better.


Organic diffusers made with special ingredients to enable the scent last longer and the aroma spread wider.



I’m a big fan of scented candles especially the white tea ones. They smell fantastic!  Therefore these diffusers are my top pick.


The brand’s motto is ‘More than Aroma

And they proved this with their Home Aromatic Diffuser

For you or anyone you know who is experiencing anxiety or worry

(amid these scary times)


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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono 

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