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4.  Halsey & G-Eazy

With these two, the roller coaster on and off relationship is so tiring to us who are mere spectators, that we wonder how the heck they are coping with the stress. Both musicians who got matching tattoos to celebrate their wild affection had a 3rd party butting into the conversation about their relationship in the form of Machine Gun Kelly who claimed to have smashed Halsey, and remarks that G-Eazy can’t rap.

3. Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson

First came the break up with Mac Miller, and then came his death, and finally the split between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, who were actually engaged. Pete Davidson at one time even showed off his new body ink which bore the initials A.G, and it seemed like the love was one for centuries. But as cupid tends to occasionally suck at his job, the couple called off the engagement and amicably moved on.

2. Diddy & Cassie

This one sparked a controversy with ”11 years” as the reoccurring theme of the conversation on social media. Diddy and Cassie who never got married but maintained a boyfriend and girlfriend status for over a decade finally called it quits this 2018, shortly before the death of Diddy’s ex, Kim Porter.

1. Cardi B & Offset

And the most popular split so far must be between the trap duke and duchess, Cardi and Offset. After proposing on stage and wifing his heartthrob, Offset was caught in a couple of scandalous cheating rumors but the couple kept waxing strong. It turns out that Cardi has had enough, and she suggests that they have fallen out of love, and its time to dip.

Which of these breakups pained you the most?

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