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Let’s make these collabos happen. They are the best syncing alliances we need to see in Africa and we have briefly explained what countries these great MCs come from and why they should join forces.


5. M.anifest & Show Dem Camp

Countries: Ghana & Nigeria

Why They Sync: Word play….and BARS!!

M.anifest is arguably the Jay Z of Ghana. His effortless flow and deep rooted lyrics come in a sweet delivery that makes the weight of the bars even more surprising. Now match that with Nigeria’s dynamic duo of hiphop Tec and Ghost of SDC who come equally formidable on the bars and wordplay on every single verse they happen upon. Merge these two forces and magic will happen.



4. Cassper Nyovest & Khaligraph Jones

Countries: South Africa & Kenya

Why They Sync: Vernacular Fusion…..raw energy

Cassper and K. Jones are some of those African MCs that throw the bars in English, but will occasionally switch it up and hit you with their local dialect, and the delivery stays fresh. While Cassper will rip some lines in his Setswana language, Khaligraph Jones will come charging through in Swahili!



3. Nasty C & Sarkodie

Countries: South Africa & Ghana

Why They Sync: Contagious flow….straightup bangers!

If you put Nasty and Sark on a track,what you’ll get is a a thousand ton weighing banger which will comprise of the new school vibe of Nasty C, and the speed regulating rush of Sarkodie. It will easily be a club bop as the hook may be all Nasty C, which is why these 2 will sync so perfectly as both their styles are best for head bobbing and rapping along to careless lyrics. No depth needed here….just vibes.



2. AKA & Falz

Countries: South Africa & Nigeria

Why They Sync: Feel good music……Relatable themes

Another one for the vibesss. In as much as Falz is a brilliant mc with deep stories to tell, and AKA can go hard when he is in his feels, both rappers will easily piece together a fun piece of audio to jam along in the clubs, on the way to work, at the gym or sitting at home with your squad. They’ll both hit us with verses that we can probably learn all the words to after a few consistent listens and it will then become a turn up anthem.


1. M.I & Tumi Molekane (aka Stogie T)

Countries: Nigeria & South Africa

Why They Sync: Thought provoking lyrics……braggadocio!

M.I is the longest running rap champ of Nigeria and Tumi is the hiphop poet and Preacher of S.A. These two together will cause a tornado of metaphors and bars that hiphop heads will rush off to go and Tweet. With 2 very distinctive voices, and a finesse around lyrical construction, the eventual argument will be who killed who on the track.

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