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Celebrity feuds may be interesting, but what comes with even more action are the public reconciliations, and so here are out top picks for the best on stage beef squashing moments.

5. 50 Cent & Eedris Abdulkareem

After Eedris Abdulkareem picked a fight with 50 Cent back in 2004, over an in-flight seat, rumors had it that Eedris was man-handled by the G-Unit squad and body guards. But later on in 2007 at the Kora Awards in Abuja, 50 was on stage and joined by Eedris who apologized for the fight 3 years earlier.


4. Eminem & Drake

This was not really a beef between the two rappers, but fans expected that there would be some tension between Shady and Drizzy after the latter said that he could probably take on Eminem in a beef. As fans raved about this on the internet, trolling Drake about wanting to take on the greatest beef gladiator of hiphop, Drake surprised concert goers at a show in Detroit where he brought out Eminem and they performed their 2009 collaboration track ‘’Forever’’


3. Wizkid & Davido

Since we are talking international stars, we have to mention Africa’s current greatest pop stars and their explosive on stage reconciliation. As Davido & Wizkid have beefed for years with their feud reaching 2 separate points of climax in 2014 and once again in 2017, no one saw it coming that Wizkid’s December concert would feature a Davido appearance, and then BOOM!! There came Davido charging forth with his end of the year anthem ‘’FIA’’ in full blast.


2. Meek Mill & DrakeIn 2015 Meek Mill and Drake went Toe to Toe with diss tracks over a feud that started with Meek Mill claiming that Drake does not write his own bars. It was a beef that Drake seemingly won as his diss tracks like ‘’Charged up’’ and ‘’Back to Back’’ had some heat and came with memorable quotables. This 2018 however, both rappers reunited on stage as Meek joined Drake at his Boston performance.


1.  Jay Z & Nas

Arguably one of the greatest beefs of all time, Hov and Esco’s beef gave birth to 2 legendary diss tracks ‘Ether’ and ‘Takeover’ which kept the feud sustained for a couple of years. It came as a mega surprise when Jay Z was live in concert titled ‘’I Declare War’’ and out came Nas, walking up to Hov, exchanging greetings and laying the beef to rest eternally. After that they even granted interviews together to further discuss the decision to end the feud for the culture.

Any other great stage reconciliations you remember?

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