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5. Falz- Child of the world

Child of the world is a single off the 27 album by Falz, where he narrates the perilous life of a young girl who is molested by her uncle, and eventual grows up to be some sort of a nymphomaniac. She gets mixed up with a group of girls who do anything for money and they introduce her into the life of getting paid for getting laid.

After shes diagnosed with H.I.V she finds herself and redirects her steps, going forward to help others and sensitize the youth on abstinence and responsibility.


4.  Omawumi- If You Ask Me

Omawumi took this song as an opportunity to speak on some of the hidden perversion existing in modern society. A typical example is the story she tells of a family consisting father, mother and daughter which sees the mother travel, and Omawumi noticing questionable activities between the father and daughter. of course the presentation of the subject matter is a bit amusing, but she calls attention to the disturbing habit of some fathers molesting and also impregnating their own daughters.



3.  Mode9- Cry

Mode9’s Monalisa of songs. This is one of the most powerful Nigerian hiphop songs of all time which tells two different stories with each first.

Verse 1: the story of university sweethearts who got married, but the husband went on to become a drunk and the wife was home and miserable. She got pregnant and on her delivery date the drunken husband drove in a rush to meet her and got into an accident, leaving his wife a widow and the new born baby boy fatherless.

Verse 2: Tells the story of two childhood friends ending up in the same university but joining two different rival cults. The gang rivalry flung them against each other and when there was an eventual showdown, they both died by each other’s trigger fingers. This verse will literally give you chills when you listen.



2.  Timaya- Dem Mama

The Odi Massacre was a mass killing in Odi, Bayelsa state where civilians were killed by the military in response to a high tension conflict involving oil resources. As Timaya tells it, civilians were raped and killed, children wee victims as well as parents of children who were orphaned.

Dem Mama had vibrant beats and a heavy tempo, making it sound like a club banger (which it actually was), but the message was a tragic report of the violence that tore families apart and claimed lives.


Before we unveil our number 1, here is an honourable mentio

PSquare- Oga Police

PSquare came through on this one to speak the minds of the average Nigerian who has experienced Police harassment either as a motorist or as a local beer and Nkwobi joint customer.

Verse 1: Crusing down the road with a chic in the passenger seat and police tries to cramp your style and harrass you for paper.

Verse 2: Chilling at the joint with homies from abroad while chics are ordering Isi Ewu and Turkey and the cops come through on buzzkill patrol.


1.  Flavour- Iwe (MC Loph Tribute)

Following the death of eastern Nigerian artist MC Loph, Flavour who was a friend and affiliate released the tribute single where he expresses his personal grief and that of MC Loph’s family. He narrates the story of Loph travelling to the east with his brother as they took a new car home to their mother. The heartbreaking vocals and the deep lyrics that state the consolation Flavour offered to Loph’s mother, makes this one of the deepest Nigerian songs of all time. Did we leave any other great story telling song out?


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