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After going against each other with subliminal disses and twitter back and forth, Vector the viper decided to strike first with ‘The Purge,’ which features Vader and Payper Corleone. It was released on September 20, 2019.

He took it one step further and released ‘Tetracycling.’ The second diss in the space of 7 days.

15 days later, M.I dropped his own diss track which shook the internet. The song ‘The Viper’ was released and packed a lot of dope bars and a lot of schooling. Here are the 5 hardest bars from the ‘The Viper’

You no be mate to me though

You should look up to me like your pàle

I’m happy my son is taller

Doesn’t mean you won’t dobale, chale

On Vectors diss song to M.I, he came for M.I’s height and called him short, now M.I is ‘rebuttling’ the line and saying to Vector that even though Vector is taller than him, he’s still Vector’s father and Vector will still have to ‘dobale’ (prostrate to him)

You came with chickens to my spot but didn’t buy chicken wings?

Let your niggas fly, it’s my spot, y’all can eat free food

Shebi you waited for my reply so let me CC you

You have a choice, take my hand and let me free you

I hear you’re roasting in your girl’s place, your B’s BQ

On 28 September 2019, Vector and his friends went to M.I’s newly commissioned CCX Lounge in Lagos owned by the Chocolate City Group of which M.I is a shareholder and bought himself Hennessy (the competition) in a Martel club

You’re not even top 5 from Yoruba land

Mode, Eldee, Baddo, DaGrin, Remi’, YCee and Falz

Omoh .. See-the-queue (CDQ)

M.I alludes to the fact that Vector is not even top 5 Yoruba rappers talk less of one of the best rappers, he also ends it with a brilliant punchline telling him to ‘see the queue’ (CDQ) of rappers before him

So, when daddy saw MI’s cypher and jealousy got the best of him

MI was telling Hennessy, pay the rappers who’re rapping

But daddy thought it was about him and tried to send him a message

And MI taught dad a lesson and daddy made full confessions

This is one of the many reasons the beef started. Subliminal shots were taking over the different cognac brands. Vector is one of the ambassadors for Hennessy while M.I is brand ambassador for the rival cognac Martell

You called me short man at the Headies

And I could’ve been real petty

But my head is always heavy from the crown

Choc City Warner doing biz

M.I is at his braggadocios best here stating that he is a king and his head is heavy from wearing the crown that Chocolate City and Warner music deal have brought him

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