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Sometimes rules are meant to be broken, but there are a few cardinal rules when it comes to socks.  Bending and outright breaking of rules will take you into your own personal style when it comes to colours and patterns, but it’s never acceptable to wear this fashion item, that are anything less than in perfect condition.  Those foot coverings need to be checked and replaced regularly to ensure your footwear is as fresh and elegant as the rest of your attire:socks

Keep it tidy

Common practice is to remove shoes before entering a room. You stand there, sharply dressed, looking like the ultimate professional and you realise you have to remove your shoes.  At the same time as this, you realise you are wearing socks that have worn thin / have a great big hole where your big toe is sticking out / that were retrieved from the floor in a hurry.  Now you will be presenting your best self to your client or boss and you know it’s a fail before you start.

The casual approach

Pairing a neat chino short and plain tee with a suede shoe does not mean no socks.  It means you make them low cut, or invisible.  Shorts that are at your knee or below mean a sock that is at the top of your shoe or below.  The shorter your shorts, the longer your socks can be.

Dress it up

Dressier shoes will need dress socks. Not necessarily for work wear or a suit, but even a nice pair of narrow dark blue jeans will look fabulous with smart dress shoes.  Cuff the leg of your jeans and elevate your look to a style with an eye-catching pair of socks in a bright colour or pattern that picks up the color in your shirt or blazer.

No socks with open shoes

Don’t do it.  It’s not nice for you.  The only time this rule can only be broken is . . . no, it can’t.  Ever.  No exceptions.  If you want to wear socks, wear closed shoes.  If you want to wear sandals or slides or open shoes, then you leave the socks behind.  There is nothing more to say about this. Don’t break this rule.

White socks

White socks are reserved for athletic shoes and sport.  Tennis players and runners can wear white socks easily.  They match well with tracksuit pants and running shoes and serve an important function for the sportsman.

By Damilola Faustino

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