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If you have not seen Black Mirror, fear not, this is a spoiler free zone. We just want to look at some of the technological elements and gadget concepts that the show utilizes to build some of its key plots. In case you did not know, the British Netflix series features different unrelating episodes with different stories and characters. But one thing is always constant, the mind blowing plot twists and eventualities of it.

But on a more wishful side, here are some of the techs from the show we totally need in real life.

 1. The Pregnancy Test ( Season 2 Episode 1): This pregnancy test comes in a stick like your average ones, but instead of using strips to indicate positive or negative, you get  a cute baby animation happily swaying side to side in announcement of its forth coming existence to you.

This will totally curb that issue of inconclusive tests, so no more maybe I am, or I am, not…its more…sister…you don carry belle….confirm!!


2. The Memory Video Player (Season 1 Episode 3): The problem with this one is that it puts an end to lying, cheating and other forms of deceit, because everything you claim, can be demanded in visuals. Imagine a life where you can play back everything you saw, and connect it to a screen for others to watch along.

What it will be great for is narrating a hilarious story. Instead of describing a scenario in detail just to make sure your listeners get the full effect of the story, you can just show them and let them experience it firsthand. Although this may suck for the cinema business. After watching Avengers, your friends just rewatch it from you.


3. The Cycling For Money Machine (Season 1 Episode 2): This entire system is not clearly describe but what we learn is that people on a statutory cycle just ride and ride and earn spendable points.

So wouldn’t it be great if all that time we spent at the gym on the cycle, we were adding some money into our account as we pedal and pedal away towards riches? Wouldn’t it?


4. Real Life Blocking (Season 2 Episode 4): Have you ever blocked someone on Twitter, Instagram or Whatsapp? Because you if you have you know how it feels when they automatically have no access to you on that platform.

They can’t see you or speak to you. Now imagine blocking people in real life. Its kind of cringe worthy to think of doing that in real life but we add this to the list because somewhere out there, there are some individuals who probably wish they could block some certain people from having access to them. Maybe to cope with trauma or heartbreak.

Before we take the last one, here is an honourable mention

The Reincarnated Bot (Season 2 Episode 1): The creepy device that brings back a dead person’s memory and more. In order not to give away spoilers let’s just summarize that in season 2 episode 1 a woman is introduced to a device that scans online activities of a dead person and recreates their speech pattern and voice in order to talk to a loved one. But it doesn’t end there. As creepy as this solution is, we add it to this list because if it existed today, some people will give it a shot. So, this is for them.


5. The Brain Cookie (Season 2 Episode 4): This was a system that clones a person’s brain into a small device so that it uses the consciousness of the person to plan their lives.

So a mini version of you, inside a small widget, that kind of powers your house and affairs. So just imagine Iron Man’s Jarvis, but Jarvis is a mental clone of Tony Stark himself. Crazy right?

And that concludes part 1 of our list. Watch out for part 2……because I haven’t seen season 3 and 4 of the show yet.

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