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By Damilola Faustino

Surviving the labour market is hard! We all know that. The shock of being thrown into real life right after the structured life of school can be overwhelming, but the fact is that once you get a satisfying job, you can rest a little. But that rest is short lived, because now you have to fight to not just keep your job, but to growing in your career. But this can be structured, such that you are not overwhelmed. Just possess these skills:


Common sense

Even with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, humans can do what computers can’t: demonstrate judgement, reasoned analyses and critical thinking skills.

Social comprehension

This generally implies teamwork. This means you understand and adapt to other people’s language and behaviour, working together to achieve a goal.

Flexible thinking

Spontaneous thinking when something unexpected occurs, on all levels: professional, technical or lower-skill roles. You need entrepreneurial skills to help decision making.

Virtual relationship

You can demonstrate that you use strategies that aid virtual teamwork such as providing immediate feedback to colleagues and participating in team challenges

Data savvy

With today’s continuing increased use of computers more and more data is processed. This means employees need to be able to comprehend and use it.

Tech and media savvy

You need to be proficient in communicating not just with text, but also with audio or video devices, over the internet.


Working longer or in more than one job needs understanding in various fields as well as an in-depth knowledge of just one. Studying or working abroad and volunteering broadens experience and contacts.

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