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You will find Churches in nearly all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria. These Churches have pastors who come in different shades. From the swag pastor to the family pastor, we share some of the types of pastor you will find in Nigerian churches.

swag pastor1

The swag pastor

The swag pastor is the ‘modern day’ pastor. They speak fluently with either an English or American accent. And they dress to the nines that even babes will be tripping for them. They just love to show off their fashion prowess!

pastor family

The family pastor

The Family pastor does not mind his business. He is always snooping into the family affairs of his congregation. Sometimes, it is not his fault. It is the members of his congregation who give him the opportunity to do so. In fact, some pastors have gone as far as dictating how these members should run their homes.

offering pastor

The offering time pastor

They are not concerned about the gospel, it is offering time every minute and every second. They can collect offering for different purposes more than 5 times during Sunday service.

firebrand pastor

The Firebrand pastor

Fire! Fire!! Fire!!! All my enemies die! die!! die!!! Haa…Kilode? They can pray for Africa and for hours!


The preaching pastor

They preach the gospel in such a fine and inspiring way that you wish it will never end. You hear ride on pastor! They are just concerned about salvation and preaching the gospel.

randy pastor

The randy pastor

The randy pastor doesn’t play with women. He is the one who takes advantage of them when they come for prayers and admonitions.

miracle pastor

The miracle pastor

They are all about performing miracles which is why they are very popular. Most times, their church is always filled out.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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