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Nowhere in the Bible does it state that one must eat three meals a day. And nowhere will you find it in the law or anywhere else. In actual fact, the Native Americans were eating at any time there felt the urge to. But the European Settlers came to America and the next thing you know, eating three times a day was adopted.



These are the facts, most food nutritionists will tell you it is better to eat six healthy little meals as opposed to having three large ones throughout the day. Some diet experts will advise you to skip some meals in order to achieve the desired body weight. Some extremists will even have you fast (more like starving) for days or weeks as your target desire.

I’m sure by now you’re pretty much yelling ‘Ok so how many times a day should I eat!?’

The fact is- it doesn’t matter. The number of times you put food in your body is irrelevant. What matters is how nourished your body becomes after the food, which depends on the components of your daily meal. So if you want to eat three times a day or once or seven times, the key point to focus on is what nutrients are going in.

So for all you constant snackers out there- go forth and feel bad no more!


Written by Efe Ohworakpo

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