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“I believe people having jobs should be one of the criteria to keep them in a state or country, not just marriage or pregnancy, What’s the point of NYSC for youth empowerment when people that had jobs are taken off their jobs to be paid 19,800 and then after 1 year they become jobless again.”

– from a dear friend 



There are basically few issues to this problem that make it complicated…

The NYSC is a brilliant scheme… for how it was designed and the potential it still has – National defence…

If we were invaded, for instance, people will have to sign up and fight, because for a country with our type of military capability, our strength is in the numbers, therefore the government will have a reserved work force (in the Corpers) that can serve.

Things like fetching water for the soldiers, food, clearing land, transport, digging holes (trench), care for wounded soldiers might not seem like much, but it is 50% of warfare. Now for a growing economy, this is cheap labour, a way to help entrepreneurs build their businesses which will in turn, build the economy…. which leads me to the Main part!

Nigerians are mostly unemployable: I recently tried hiring a driver  and found out that his driver’s licence had expired. Now the aim of getting a job is to help the organisation grow and in return, be rewarded fairly for your effort.

Most Nigerians have the blue collar job mentality (invented by the Ford company) mindless people ticking their own box and unto the next, waiting for their salaries whether the company succeeds or not, and that is failing drastically…

Ford-Gallery-5-1760.jpgSo tell me they give you one year… if you know you have value, go to a team that needs that, and add to their bottom line in a fair way to justify the amount you want to be paid… if you do they will not let you go… Ever!

By Demotology

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