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John Igbinosun By John Igbinosun

Being the face of the company!

I recently read an article on Instagram of a client that had an issue with a bank’s charges. Based on the very beautiful write up, she had planned to go to the branch and cause a scene. She had programmed all the steps that would be followed to achieve her malicious plot.

She did get to the branch and found herself not being able to say a word!
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Why? She met a completely charming dude behind the counter. In her words, it was probably the cutest banker she had ever seen.

That pretty much did the magic! Without any enchanted intervention from the staff, the issue was, well, not resolved but very well managed. For that day at least.

Now we always hear some cliché statements on how to properly manage clients, using thrilling words and the like. We also cannot over emphasize the need to be courteous and sweet to all clients……but that’s not all.

Just like our mystery lady, have you ever entered a store just because of some ‘hottie staff’ you saw standing in the corner, or you heard the accent and was like “damnnnn, you have an amazing voice”.

Repeatedly, every major company has grown to know the importance of appearances. The truth is appearance is everything in the competitive world that we live in. Why do you think all the adverts that sell ‘sodas’ never use over weight and out of shape individuals? Everyone in such ads are always on their A-Game when it comes to physique and looks. Coincidence? Naaaaa….. It’s called being the face of your company. #Branding.

Today’s customers want to be wowed with everything. For example, don’t you dare market a cologne to me and you don’t “smell the part” #Lol.

So it is okay to put in all those sweet words every now and then, but never ever take too lightly, the efficiency and importance of being good looking, charming, presentable, beautiful, handsome…… and the list goes on. You know what? Just be like me!!! hehehe

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