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Women and makeup are inseparable. Very few women can do without their precious makeup. It adds to their beauty and looks. Hence, it may be difficult to convince them to give it up. What you can do is to use it sparingly. Nonetheless, we share the benefits of not wearing makeup. You can go off it for a week and observe. At the initial stage, it will be tough but over time, you will get used to it.


Cleans up your face

The makeup you apply on your face contains a lot of chemicals which means they are toxic. Unknown to you, these chemicals are affecting your face. This is why you should always use mild makeup. So, if you want to clean and smoothen your face, you should go without makeup.

No more delaying your boyfriend

Applying makeup can be time-consuming. You can only imagine the time women spend on applying it. Consequently, if you are going out with them you have to wait for another two hours for them to dress and makeup. Clearly, this can be annoying. Getting rid of makeup means you will not delay your bae.

selena gomez

Look younger

If you see some girls and their makeup, you will think they are masquerades. They appear like this because they over did it. Thus, this makes them look older. But without makeup, you will look younger as you are carrying your natural look.

Save money

It is undeniable that women spend a lot of money on makeup. If you go off makeup or you scarcely wear it, you will save money.

kim kardashian

You become confident

Without makeup, some women will be very timid and unconfident. They do not feel complete until they apply it. However, for you who do not care about makeup. You have both worlds. So, whether you wear it or not, you are confident and unperturbed.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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