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By Bashir Umar

So, it’s the holiday season clubs are popping and concerts are happening all over. You want it all, you want to go for Davido’s 30 billion gang concert and Wizkid’s concert and you want to chill in VIP, then right after you want go to 57 right and pop bottles.


It is all good and fancy, but there is one problem my friend – after you get back home you check your phone and your account balance is weeping, you have spent your December salary before New Year’s.

You’ve forgotten that January Salary is not coming in till the end of January. You don enter one chance be that, your meal formation has turned to 1, 0, 1 or 0, 1, 1.

All these things can be avoided by doing just one thing and that is spending wisely and budgeting properly.

You’re a working class individual, you cannot go for every concert and you cannot go to club every night. Know you limit you can’t be living on “coca cola budget, Owa lonra Rosé” in Mayorkun’s voice.

Enjoy your holidays and remember, spend wisely and if it is itching you to spend then just kuku take your money to Access Bank and open a savings account.

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