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Many party organisers underestimate the role a Disc Jockey (DJ) plays at their parties or gigs. The DJ can make or mar any party. This is because music is an integral part of any event and if the music is bad, the event will be certified poor and terribly put together by the attendees. They will give this same verdict even if the food and drinks are on point. Hence you do not want to disappoint your guests who are ready to hit the dance floor and the DJ is messing up. These tips will help you choose the best DJ for your party:


Hire an experienced DJ

You do not want to hire an amateur or novice DJ to play at your party. He should not hone his DJ skills at the party you are organising. If you get a whiff that he is an amateur, tell him to go call his boss or look for another person.

DJ cuppy


You can find an experienced DJ with the best playlists but his equipment is not up to scratch. The equipment is more befitting for the museum. You should ask to see the DJ equipment.

DJ sose

Ask for their playlist

Some DJs have a very poor playlist. They do not have the trending songs. They may just be playing 1960 songs at your party. Such songs are not meant for the youthful people you are inviting. If you are not satisfied with the playlist, just let him go.

DJ lambo

DJ must match your party

Not all DJs can play for any party. Some specialise in weddings and birthday. Others are good with night gigs and club parties. Ensure that you find out about this before hiring such a DJ.


Check out their website

A serious and professional DJ will have a website for potential clients to peruse. A poorly designed website that doesn’t offer much information should be an alert to look for another DJ.

DJ xclusive

Ask around
That’s the best way to get a DJ that is the least likely to disappoint you. When one or two people speak badly about a DJ or any entertainer for that matter, you should steer clear of such people. That is why these people always ask for your social media reviews after they have covered your gig.
Written By Damilola Faustino

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