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 FASHION FINDS:The Best Face Masks In Gambia

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen numerous sewers and craft enthusiasts, turn their talents to mask-making,

I’ve gone through brands in Nigeria and in the diaspora looking out for the trendiest masks one can find

The most recent are these handmade options, available to purchase in Gambia.

The Creative Director

The creative director behind these masks is Nafisa Ali Tambang

who took to Instagram to introduce the new apparel.

‘ Corona arrived, we are all bored, no school, and no work. I have used this time to work on my health & self. Last week I sat & thought to myself how should I be more productive in this time and this bright idea 💡 popped in my head!

Why not invest in face masks that are made with real cotton, professionally done, properly filtered and with all safety precautions taken.

With all of that being said! Hi, 🇬🇲 I have these for sale.

Each face mask is 150 dalasis only and the face shields🛡 are 500 dalasis a piece.

My FFP mask will be ready next week as well.

Please support this new venture I’ve decided to explore! Call me on +2207620002 to collect yours now! I’m confident I will sell out by the end of the week so call NOW! “

A New Collection Of Masks Is In The Works

Just as Nafisa aforementioned, this collection is completely sold out and I’m not surprised at all

This brand is properly designed to keep the wearer secure whilst catering to style-savvy clients who wish to stay protected and fashion-forward.

Albeit the first batch being completely sold out, Nafisa promises that another collection upon us with new designs that are very versatile.

To Order from the next collection: Call or Whatsapp +2207620002 to collect yours now!

I’m confident this will ALSO sell out by the end of the week so call NOW!



A mask should never replace social distancing;

but it goes a long way to maintaining your safety.

As lockdown measures begin to ease, we must continue to do our best to protect ourselves and others from getting infected.

In Nigeria, the government has advised us to wear face coverings in enclosed spaces so aside from Nafisa’s masks be sure to check these locally made face coverings below

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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