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Basketball is a fast paced, rigorous sport, which requires a lot of energy and adrenaline pumping at a high level, all through the four quarters of a game, and at the same time, requires maximum intelligence and a high level of IQ. NBA IQ

Due to the high level of physical intensity required during the game, players tend to get tired easily and sometimes, it’s easy to derail from game plans and get lost in personal instinct, sometimes leading to great plays and other times, terrible game play.

However, the best players, such as, Steph Curry, Ben Simmons, Russel Westbrook, LeBron James, James Harden, Anthony Davis, Giannis Antetokumpo and many more, tend to be able to find the right mix of instinct and intelligence, while also preserving energy for right moments in a game.

Below is a compilation of the best NBA IQ moments, showing mind blowing level of intelligence.


The second play is by Ben Simmons. The ball is out of bounds, and he sees that there’s space to go to the rim, but if he passes to his teammates, then he’ll get covered, he he does a quick tap on his opponent and goes straight to the rim for the Jam.

In the 6th play, OKC Thunder are 4 points down, with little time left. So instead of making his free throw, Steven Adams misses on purpose and then passes to Russell Westbrook who makes the three pointer, reducing the deficit to one point.

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