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Working in shifts can really mess up your sleeping pattern (in fact, you probably don’t have a sleeping pattern anymore), which can have adverse effects on your health, leading to insomnia and other related illnesses. This is why it is important to develop a healthy sleep pattern to deal with your job and your health. Here are helpful tips.

work at night

Down caffeine at the right time

Caffeine promotes alertness. However, don’t down caffeine for the last 4 to 6 hours of your shift or it may be harder to get to sleep when you arrive home.
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Do not take alcohol

Wine or beer may help you fall asleep, but your alcohol intake will no doubt disturb the second half of your sleep. If you are so bent on taking something, you should go for warm milk. It will go a long way.

Put your gadgets away

Smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets all emit blue light that boosts wakefulness that can distract you from having good sleep. If possible, avoid using devices for one hour before you’d like to fall asleep.

Create routine

Tell your body it’s time to sleep with calming, soothing habits. You should read a book, listen to soft music, or gently stretch. Write down things that are worrying you and tell yourself you are setting them aside while you rest.

Use your nose

There is evidence that certain smells can improve sleep. Lavender, for instance, can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, potentially putting you in a more tranquil state. If you enjoy scents, try soaps, lotions, or oils to uncover what works for you.

Get some exercise

As night falls, get some exercise, expose yourself to bright light, and take a hot shower – each of these tricks can help you to feel alert and ready to take on the world.

By Damilola Faustino

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