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It is almost always stated that fashion is about passion and creativity- it’s an expressive art form. It is not enough to just love fashion and that’s why successful icons have managed to take it to the next level. They’re aware of the business aspect of fashion. One should always bare in mind that there is ‘fashion’ which is the creative, self-expressing process, and there is ‘Fashion’ which involves making money and ultimately profiting from the creative process.

Now don’t get me wrong; fashion does not necessarily have to end up as a business. It’s like music. There are people who just sing in the comfort of their showers. In the same way, you can just dress up for yourself and those in your surroundings. The business world is competitive and risky and to be honest, not everyone is cut out for it. However, there are people that have come to understand the fashion business and are making it in the field.

Fashion and Business2

There are various facets to this thing called ‘fashion business’. The first is the production of raw materials- the creation of textile, leather, fur and so many others. Even though you may not be part of the creator of the actual designs that are incorporated worldwide, you can help to produce materials for the actualisation of the designs. Just like an artist sketching a design but needs the concrete, wood, sand and other materials to make the building an actual object.

The second are those that deal with the actual production of the material. Most times, the creators have the skill as well to produce. This skill in the fashion business, however, can be learnt. This is important because the materials and creative sketch are of no use without the person who would put it together to make something wearable.

Then, we have the retailers that are responsible for making sure that the clothes are taken to shops and sold. It’s different if you make an outfit for your consumption. In the business of fashion, the people who would use the creative products are crucial. Without them, fashion cannot be a business.

The last but definitely not the least are the promoters or marketers. This is where the magazines and blogs come into play. They keep people interested in fashion so they want to purchase more and then the market will keep growing. Those awesome styles on Bella Naija, or Genevive and some other minor magazine attempts at compiling style fall into this section. They keep us fresh in the world of fashion and informed on the latest trends.

So if you are not a creative, don’t be discouraged. If you think you can make it in the fashion business, there are so many aspects that anyone can fit into. There are of course the natural talents and some other can be learnt. You can learn yours.

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