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In recent years horror movies have really taken us to a different scare level. If the memes on social media are anything to go by, a few people will actually admit to watching cartoons in the middle of a horror movie or right after it in order to calm down. I never usually got it. But for this one, I totally did.

The Conjuring 2 comes three years after its first instalment, and unlike the first, this one packs quite a punch. Prior to the arrival of the movie to cinemas in Nigeria, I read reports on the internet of kids passing out in the cinemas while a handful of others convulsed. Now watching the movie it’s easy to connect the dots and see the mind nibbling mess that the scenes portrayed in it can do to kids.

conjuring gif

Quick question, why would I expose my kids to such really?

Moving on, The Conjuring 2 starts with the Warrens still operating as an extension of the church as paranormal investigators. They find an occurrence in Amityville which connects them to another incident in Enfield and goes on to become the one most documented cases in paranormal history. The Warrens’ are asked to visit the Hodgsons who claim to be tormented by a spirt that targets one of the kids in particular.

conjuring 2


The events that unfold leave you on the edge of your seat. We see a child tormented by a 70-old man who also tries to use her as a vessel, a dog change form to become something only nightmares are made of, a nun who’s so scary she’s apparently getting her own spin off movie, and just all sorts of crazy. See why we should lock our kids away while we watch this movie? Lol!



Building on the subtle intensity of the first movie, The Conjuring 2 sets a new tone for what a classic horror movie should look like. One good thing about horror movies in this genre is that mistakes like lighting and sound effects can easily go unnoticed as they all add up to a bigger scare.

From a Hollywood where horror isn’t really horror anymore, we do hope we get a Conjuring 3!


Written by Abiodun Laaro