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Welcome to April! And welcome to another new beginning!

In this month’s edition of The Cover, we catch up with Dorathy Bachor who gives us a deeper look into who she really is and the parts of her she’d like us to focus on. We also speak with several other women, who from last month, inspired us to take a deeper look into the mental shift that seems to occur in many women as they approach thirty.

In this issue, we also delve into the value men and women place on intimacy in relationships and question the reason for the seemingly glaring difference. We take the conversation further by suggesting a couple of questions you should consider asking while casually dating to avoid unnecessary heartbreak.

April marks the beginning of Spring and Q2. Don’t be afraid to ask deep and meaningful questions, to change your perspective or try something new and daring.

Happy reading!

Click here to download the digital version of the April edition of The Cover. 

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