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Adekunle Gold on The Cover for Accelerate

Adekunle Gold is one of the hottest people in Nigeria right now. Originally known for his photoshop skills (a hobby he still pursues now but with a comedic twist, much to the amusement of a lot of his fans), Gold dropped a song called Sade last year and quickly stole the nations heart.

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Always interested in music, Gold was a fan of almost everything and it took him a while to figure out his sound. But once he did, Gold’s fusion of urban highlife won over everybody and with that a star was born. Now, he’s just released his very first album, ‘Gold’ and is in demand more than ever. When it came time to choose the star of our very first Cover, the answer couldn’t have been clearer- we wanted the very best and right now, that’s what Adekunle Gold is.

We met up with Gold last week and were excited to learn that he isn’t like most fresh faced celebrities; secretly shy and boring. In fact, Gold was quite the opposite- he was bright and full of life. And he had quite a lot to say–

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About his skills: ” I grew up listening to music and being into creative arts, like since a long time ago and basically, I am just an artist… I draw, I paint and I used to do sculpting back in school and a little bit of ceramics. I majored in graphics basically.”

On his early musical endeavours: “I joined the teens choir in church and I remember always fighting… if you take a solo, like if you lead the church, you have to be somewhat good. Yeah, I was everyday trying so hard for my choirmaster to pick me every Sunday but that never happened till I left the church. Apparently, I wasn’t good enough.

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On his unique sound: “So, my sound is basically a fusion of Pop, a bit of Indie and then Highlife. Yeah haven’t dabbled into a lot of sound, honestly, at some point I didn’t know what I was doing. I just knew I wanted to sing, so I was just singing anything that comes into my head. But, I thought about it, I wanted to be different so yeah I thought about putting the two sounds together… my indie then my highlife because I know I am very heavy in Yoruba.

On singing about women: “…songs that where glorifying ‘b-i-t-c-h and h-o-e’… There were too many songs like that, I mean we have good women, we have good girls, so, how about I talk about them. So, I gave Orente the meaning ‘good girl’.”

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On his unique style: “I think it makes sense to just wear, like start rocking Adire and I think I’m the only one doing it now. So, I wear Adire anything, I have Adire hoodie, Adire pants, Adire blazers, and am always the boots guy…I love boots, vintage boots.


On Nigeria’s fashion industry: “I think the fashion industry is really growing and a lot of people are believing more in the ‘Buy-Nigeria’ brand now and it feels good. Like I have always said, we can only promote what we have.

Because he’s at the top right now, it’s easy to forget that Gold has been around for only about a year- he’s still at the very beginning of his career. And we can’t wait to see what he’s going to go on and achieve.

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Written by Tamara Aihie

Are you a fan of the growing fashion industry like Adekunle Gold? Then go read up on everything fashion. Or if it’s just the Gold man himself you’re interested in then you’ll probably be pretty happy to know he’s our hottie of the week.

And now….watch the full action;

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