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Step Into The Life Of Latasha Lagos





ACCELERATE TV’s August 2020 COVER star is none other than LATASHA LAGOS.

The multifaceted media veteran, fashion designer, body positivity activist, and part-time actress is shooting for the stars and aiming for the moon.

‘I’m just a girl with a dream to inspire the world and inspire people one body at a time, to be everything and to go for everything ‘

In an exclusive sit down with Accelerate TV,

the stunning Nnewi native discusses all that she has done,

what she is doing, and how she is destined to do so much more.


It’s a warm summer evening,

I meet Latasha in her home aka her sanctuary and straight away I witness two things;

Not only is she super sweet and hospitable, much like her Taurus counterparts she knows how she wants things to be done and doesn’t budge until those things are done accordingly.

‘The things you think are not important…it’s those little things that count…honestly’

she says to me after correcting her apprentice over and over again about overlooking some adjustments to the clothes that are being made overnight for the shoot…

What some may seem like controlling, I see as highly commendable.

 “I love to intensely prepare because the times when I’ve been intentionally successful have come from intense preparation. And yes call me a  control freak, but you have to be like that to survive in these waters.”

As she offers me a glass of water, I compliment her nails

and she expresses that she’s just got them done for the first time in 5 years thanks to my constant cajoling that we must go over and beyond for the people.

Knowing her stance as a glam queen, this surprises me and seeing my shock

the mistress of minimalism explains;

“I find going to the salon very stressful, I would always love the finished result of my hair or my nails but just the thought of going and sitting through the process ends up deterring me.”

Yet another thing that surprised me with Latasha

and this was just the start.

From her candid nature to her infectious laugh and her brash yet super sweet soul,

I knew that this Cover would be one for the books.

Scroll to discover more;


Who Is Latasha Lagos?

I’m just a girl with a big dream to do everything and die empty when I leave this world.

I want to write more, I want to read more, travel more, design more, do so much..interior, act,  I wish I could sing, present more, do more tv…

Basically Latasha Lagos is that person who inspires people, lights up the world, and gives people joy…


What is beauty to you?

Beauty to me, apart from the external and the aesthetic you see, is moments of joy…

Moments I hold on to that sometimes make me laugh, or make me cry

I find a lot of beauty in those times…


Tell us more about your movement – About That Curvy Life?

ABOUT THAT CURVY LIFE was created as a safe space for women and men who don’t fall under the construct that society has set in terms of the standard of looks and size.

It was borne out of my early days as a writer- being unable to find people that could showcase a certain kind of physique…

People who looked like me and people who did not fall under fashion rules of the right kind of body…

ATCL was borne to fill that gap, to create content from here to the diaspora to report content from the diaspora to here…

As a movement, it was to help people find each other and connect and inspire and encourage and build so that they understand that you can be anything and everything and nothing is beyond your reach just because of how people think or say you look…


Tell us something people don’t know about you?

I don’t eat eggs…laughs…I stopped eating eggs when I was four years old…

Also, certain cartoons make me cry…


Tell us something you can’t live without?

This sounds so cliché now but I can’t live without God…He’s my everything…


How does it feel knowing that you gave many of the fashion GREATS their opportunity e.g ASSIAN, THE Style Infidel and Weizdhurm Franklyn

It gives me so much joy, it fills me with pride!

God willing I’d have children one day but that feeling is like being a mum.

You know when you see someone and you see this acorn of success and greatness.

Being able to have a finger in their story and assist them and give them that nudge is the greatest satisfaction…

Because I too was pushed by people, I was assisted by so many people starting up…

it’s amazing to watch them do what they’re doing now and just see them growing and soaring.

It makes me very hopeful and I hope that they too could do the same for others


Describe your style in 3 words?

I would say versatile,

I would say bold and also comfortable


How do you come up with the designs for your brand THE CURVY MONROE?

That’s easy I’m a plus woman, so I know what I don’t have in my wardrobe, I know what most plus women can’t find, I know  a lot of things that look good on us, on them and on everyone

I also know what our smaller counterparts have and ways I can modify an outfit to accommodate certain body parts and proportions.

I use that knowledge to find ways to enhance areas a plus woman may lack…

When plus-size influencers choose to lose weight, they end up coming across like they’ve betrayed their fans. Is there a delicate balance between promoting fitness and body positivity?

Ok so first of all, body positivity is not limited to plus-size people..it’s people in general…

so even if you’re really slim, I’m sure there’s parts of you that you don’t appreciate and love and adore every day.

I’m sure there’s aunties and uncles that say things like, have you eaten, you’re too skinny…

Body positivity is not just for one set of people, it’s across the board.

It’s all about encouraging people to love themselves and who they are in that moment in the skin they occupy…

be kind to it and every other convo that follows will follow..

Body positivity says you cannot only look at me and think that this is all of me…there’s more to me than what you think that you see…

I’m allowed to call myself beautiful…I’m allowed to wear nice clothes, I’m allowed to want for myself what any other person of any other size wants… 

When people talk about losing weight and betraying their following I don’t think so…

Everybody must do what is best for them and they must not be defined by what others think is best for them.

It is your journey and nobody is allowed to take ownership of that journey except you- so, at every size, you must be allowed TO BE.


Do you ever deal with body shaming..online and in-person and how do you respond to that?

To be honest with you, a lot of that has not come my way but that might be because of the kind of person I am…

I’m very vocal, I speak up for myself… I take up space both metaphorically and literally…and I don’t apologize

Although there have been scenarios when I’ve had to defend others and help them find their voice…

not by being mean but merely speaking up …

I teach them to remember this;

Your projections on me are your projections, they’re not my reality… 


What would your top tips be for young people struggling with body image and low self-esteem?

Simply, first of all, relax!

You have so much time ahead of you..you have so much time to be so much more…

Focus on bettering yourself, mentally focus on what it is that you want to achieve.

Spend more time studying people, ideas, and things because a lot of these things will change.

We live in such a fast-paced world and time is no longer waiting; News that trends by morning is gone by evening.

And so, if you’re struggling with your body, understand that this body is the only one that you have…

if you harm it, it’s the only one you literally have

You have to be kind because to yourself because when you do that …you’d find that where you want to go, you’re able to get there faster.

You must be appreciative of the legs that carry you, the arms that do work for you, the stomach that holds food for you…

If you’re healthy that’s a plus, everything else will follow.

And also, follow people who inspire you,

a lot of people’s hang-ups come from projections of what they see as perfection

But follow more people that bring you joy, give you peace and cut out the rest of the noise.

What should we expect in the future for Latasha Lagos?

A kick-ass collection!

Curvy Monroe will be a year this month and so we are doing so much for the brand,

I’m starting a new label but I’m keeping that under wraps for now…

Content..doing more for the culture, doing more for my community

I just want to keep going and growing bigger, and bigger and bigger…

Maybe have a baby, I’d love to have my little Duduke moment.

Maybe have an online wedding, there’s so much to expect!

But in everything, I just want to make everyone who knows me so proud, that they are like-


She did that!

She killed it!

Watch this space for all that Latasha Lagos is set to reveal.



Creative Direction: Tokyo James

Styling: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

Photography: Mikey Oshai

Graphics: Adedayo Adegbami

Make-Up: Mary TJ Hair

Wigs: Synthiana Beauty Parlour

Make-UP: AMA RACH Glam

Outfits: The Curvy Monroe & Weizdhurm Franklyn

Cover Story By Joan K. Vincent-Otiono