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This one is for the Icons.

Download The August 2021 Issue of The Cover Here

What does it take to be iconic? The right mindset. And that’s exactly what Laycon has. In this month’s edition
of The Cover, Laycon shares his love of music and what it’s taken for him to get to where he is today. If nothing at all, the one thing you’ll learn from this exclusive interview is the need to think positively and to take a chance on yourself, if you want to see yourself succeed.

Summer styles are still here and we’re sure that some of them will linger into the fall. We take a closer look this season’s denim styles and give you more options of what to include in your wardrobe. But what’s denim without the right accessories? African waist beads are still a thing. This classic African accessory makes any denim style that much sexier.
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And if we talk about fashion, we surely can’t leave out health and beauty. We tell you how to destress and share the ultimate skin product that helps you lock in maximum moisture.

We hope you enjoy reading the August 2021 issue of The Cover.

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