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The Cover Dec ’17 – Mayorkun Kills Cover

By Charles Olasanoye

So when Mayorkun’s name came up for the cover this month, a lot of people agreed. Very strange indeed. I was really surprised because at Accelerate TV, our covers are always a huge debate. At that point I didn’t really know a lot about the sturdy (20-something-year-old) former banker.Mayorkun Cover

It turns out I didn’t have to. Five minutes in on Google and I found Eleko. How I managed not to hear this song since it dropped last year, I will never know but needless to say, it has been on repeat since.

Considering that I missed out on being an early adopter, imagine my annoyance when my boss told me I had to work out of office on the day Mayorkun was coming in. Very sad indeed.


This morning, The Cover came out for review and he absolutely murdered it. End of story. Period. Nothing else to say. (P.S: He has a nice stack of abs too).

I’ve eased off on Eleko a little bit now after listening to it 1 billion times in repeat. Watch Mayorkun’s Cover below to experience the dopeness of this talented artiste and even better, to share the blessings to your friends as well.

Watch video below:

Check out Excerpts below:

If you gave yourself a signature outfit what will it be?

Sweat shirts and pants

What’s the difference between how you dress on stage and how you dress in your daily life?

Mayorkun Cover

I’m a very causal person, so at home I hardly wear chains or white shirts and for performances, I wear something more up-do; but if it’s a student show you’d never see me wear a suit. So the type of show I go for determines my look or how I dress. Even while I was working at a bank I never wore suits. Ha-ha. I wear suits now for weddings or corporate events.

How does fashion affect the direction of your music video?

I think some particular fashion sense appeals to certain types of people, for example Migos in their music video for tee shirt they are dressed like Eskimos, so you see black people dressed like Eskimos and that appeals to the people it appeals to. So sometimes you can see me dress like a UK boy or an African just to appeal to my audience.

Mayorkun Cover

Which Nigerian designers are you feeling?

Orange Culture by Bayo Oke- Lawal. He collaborated with Davido.

If you could be the face of a fashion brand, which brand will that be?

Hood by air.

(Transcribed by Oluwaseun Ashiru)

Mayorkun cover

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