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It’s yet another December and it’s been quite the year for everyone. It’s our hope that we can all say we are on the road to recovery, after a tumultuous 2020 and a 2021 that began with an air of uncertainty.

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Despite the unsure terrain many of us have traversed, there have been moments worth celebrating and that have inspired us to continue to imagine and create regardless of challenges, which have only further proven what we know – that we are resilient and have the immense ability to adapt.
Though 2021 has been good to us, we look to 2022 with great expectations and hope in our eyes. But how do we stay focused, without losing sight of the small moments that are equally just as important? Simple. By prioritizing the things and people we truly find important, and most importantly, maintaining an attitude of gratefulness, through moments of reflection.

Download The December 2021 Cover Here

Accelerate has a lot to be thankful for. Our team has grown, and our bond has gotten stronger, which means we can continue to do what we love most. We’ve seen the addition of new series into our archives, and have a number of new releases that are scheduled to premier in 2022. We promise to uphold our commitment to entertaining you with pure African content.

To end our 2021 on a high note, we’ve filled the December edition of The Cover, with a myriad of ways to enjoy the festive season, tips on self care and of course, a detailed roundup of the year’s best releases in the fast paced world of entertainment. Most notably, we’ve included interviews from some of the year’s best talent, Lojay and Buju. Both artistes have done so well this year, we couldn’t choose on a single feature. Both men share their individual experiences as industry newcomers and their moments of reckoning, when they’ve decided to face their careers head on.
We hope you enjoy the final edition of The Cover for 2021 and look forward to giving you even more in 2022. Stay focused and remember to remain kind.
As always,
Love Accelerate.