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Have you ever been in a position where you hear good news and you don’t know how to react? You just stare dumbfoundedly because you sort of can’t believe what you just heard is truly happening. That’s the reaction I had the moment Chidinma (the ultimate producer!) told me who we were shooting for The Cover. 

I couldn’t believe I was going to be on the same set as one of Nigeria’s top beauty and lifestyle bloggers! And just before I could get over that news, Chidinma came to tell me the location of the shoot- hold up, hold up, so you mean to tell me, that we’re going to shoot THE Dimma Umeh at HER HOUSE?!!  The same home that I’ve seen in her beauty tutorials and her vlogs? Somebody hold me, please.

I was particularly excited about this Cover not just because I LOVE Dimma,  but because we were featuring a Nigerian content creator who has been breaking boundaries from her living space. Dimma has been blogging since 2012 when only a few Nigerians knew about content creation for Youtube, and what was most unique about her was her style of showcasing Nigeria in her content right from her house in Nigeria and her consistency with her original accent ( no shade to no one).  The unique content that she has been consistently creating has gotten her noticed by people all over the world and has gotten her featured on Essence, invited for Youtube Black, Cannes festival and taken her to places around the world, does it really get more inspirational than that?

Funny thing is, when she started out in the YouTube space, Dimma never thought she was going to be this big influential Youtuber “ First of all, I thought this whole thing was a joke, like I just started putting out videos for the sake of it, I thought it was fun, I loved the way others looked doing it. But I think that two years in, I started figuring out at that point that this could be so much more. Now I live off of Youtube, I pay my rent off Youtube. I never thought when I first started that I could live off of it.”

Dimma was more than happy to shoot her house, all she asked for was that we kept to time and we did just that. We arrived at her house on time and met her when she was in the middle of her makeup so we were able to capture her while she did her magic. Her house is just as amazing as it looked in her house tour video; from the bookshelf to the vintage speaker, to the grey couch which matched the white and grey carpet down to the plants in raffia baskets, everything was perfect! In another life, Dimma should definitely be an interior decorator because I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who pays attention to details as much as her. Even in her videos, you can tell she pays attention to the little things and that kind of precision and dedication is the reason why she has over three hundred thousand subscribers. 

During the photo shoot, the one thing that put Dimma in her element was music; when the music wasn’t playing, it felt like the pictures were not coming out right but once the music played,  Dimma was in another world, especially when the song “Trobul” by Wurld was playing; she would dance and smile and pose so effortlessly, looking absolutely gorgeous in the blue tunic and wrapper set by Wanni Fuga. I wondered if the music was part of the things that motivated her to create every day even when she didn’t feel like it; for a lot of people, listening to music helps them to get out of their “creative block” but it looks like for Dimma, watching other creators on Youtube, motivates her to create on days when she’s doesn’t necessarily feel like it but has to  “the easiest thing for me is that I go and watch other creators and I just start out from there. You start out just wanting to watch, but then ideas start popping and before you know it, you want to do something. “

So after being motivated, what’s next? How does she come up with the amazing content for her subscribers? For someone like Dimma, knowing how meticulous and detailed she is, she probably has a rigid step by step creative process that she follows, or so we thought  “It is so funny because a lot of people think that I am this organized person; my creative process is actually not the most organized, however, I do have a process now. So it mostly just always involves coming up with an idea, making notes of points that I’d want to highlight in that video from that idea, filming, then after filming, editing. Editing takes a lot of time, so sometimes it’s either me, cause I do the bulk of the editing, but sometimes if I have a lot to do at a particular point in time, I hire an editor who works with me. Then I upload, and after that, I figure out a good thumbnail to use, because I feel like the videos can be great but if your thumbnails don’t have a call to action then you’ve done all of that in vain ” 

Dimma is so easy to work with, just tell her what you want from her and she’ll do it, ask her any questions you want to ask her and she’ll answer,  if you want her to do something in a particular way, she’ll happily do it; she’s easy-going, she doesn’t stress and she has the same attitude towards haters who leave negative hateful comments under her videos and I believe that that is how all of us should be towards our haters and trolls “when it comes to negative comments, the best thing I’d say is to know that all the things they’ve said have nothing whatsoever to do with you. It’s them, and they’re just saying it because they feel like they can say it to you, the moment you begin to look at it like that you know that they’re not really worth your time, you can pray for them as I pray for them”.

One major reason why I love Dimma Umeh asides the amazing content that she creates is that she’s a feminist and she is very outspoken about her feminist views and very quick to call out shady behavior online. But the reason why I love her is also the reason why some people don’t want anything to do with her “I’ve had people pass comments about me being too outspoken, I’ve had people swear that they’d never have anything to do with me because I’ve called out something that they’ve done”  

But fortunately, that hasn’t affected her brand, in fact, it has even made more brands reach out to her “have I had brands say that they don’t want anything to do with me because of my feminist views? No, the opposite has always been the case, I’ve had a lot of opportunities come for me last year because of how vocal I was when it comes to gender equality and a lot of social issues”

I can’t wait to see what Dimma has in store for us this year, she gave us a sneak peek into her plans but didn’t give us all the details, ” there is a collaboration in the works but I can’t say more than that ” knowing the content creation queen, she’s about to do something big and we’re here for it.

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Cover Story: Dammy Eneli

Creative Director: Chidinma Igbokweuche

Photography: Deolu Photography

Styling: Joan Vincent-Otiono

Hair: Tony’s Beauty Ace

Outfits: Wanni Fuga: Lady Biba