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The Cover Feb ’18 – Fierce & Fearless Idia Aisien

Swimwear: @sshhhlingerieSwimwear: @sshhhlingerieSwimwear: @sshhhlingerieSwimwear: @AndreaIyamahSwimwear: @sshhhlingerieSwimwear: @sshhhlingerieSwimwear: @AndreaIyamahSwimwear: @sshhhlingerieSwimwear: @AndreaIyamahSwimwear: @sshhhlingerie

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By Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

It’s about to be a sensuous February as Idia Aisien graces the new edition of The Cover in swim suit style like never before. She takes us through her unique style and preferences as she takes on life with a beauty-and-brains attack!

idia aisien

A pure bubble of sunshine, media personality, Idia Aisien is the cover star for Accelerate TV’s The Cover February edition.

The 26-year-old Nigerian and Cameroonian is definitely one with a strong perspective about life and is not afraid to show it.

She describes her perfect valentine and love scenario to Accelerate, as well as dished on her favourite designers.

If you have a Johnny Rockets Burger, you and Idia may just become BFFs.

Read excerpts from her interview below:

Who are your go-to Designers? Both Nigerian and Foreign!

For foreign designers, I love my British designers. I love Charlotte Zimbio. She is the one that made this gold trench coat, I love it because it’s customized and I like things that aren’t everywhere and readily available for everyone. I also really love Atsuko Kudo because I am a huge fan of latex leather. And for Nigerian designers, my go-to designers are Maki Oh, Lisa Folawiyo, Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi because they pay a lot of attention to detail. I’m also becoming a huge fan of swimwear designers like Bfyne and Andrea Iyamah.

What does ‘Love’ mean to you?

Ok… So it’s Valentine season and love is finally having that person that you can go out and buy all the amazing gifts for. I am a girl but I do buy my special someone gifts and I am not afraid to look like I am a hopeless romantic because I am. So this is the season where I don’t look crazy doing it.

idia aisien


If you were a guy, what would you get your babe for Valentine’s Day?

If I were a guy I would be the most amazing, romantic man in the world. I have actually had a perfect valentine once where somebody told me he just wanted to pick up something from his office, and I was so upset. I was like its Valentine’s Day, you spent the whole day at your friend’s party and I followed him grudgingly, I was upset. I followed him to his office only to see flowers everywhere, lined up the stairs all the way to the top floor of his office building and then there was candle light, there was a dinner set up, there was a professional chef, there was food. They kept handing me boxes, one gift after the other and it was the most romantic thing that has probably ever happened to me before, especially because I wasn’t expecting it and I love surprises.

what’s the last interesting fact (thing) you learnt?

The last most interesting thing that I have learnt is one that we hear and take for granted. It is to keep your cards very close to your chest. Well basically our parents and even wise friends tell you that you know you shouldn’t always share things. Not because you are being superstitious or paranoid, but it’s just a sequel of the universe to keep things to yourself until they mature and produce fruits. A lot of people don’t do that, and I think that’s why a lot of plans fail.

idia aisien


What’s your favorite fashion accessory?

My Favorite Fashion accessory would be my sun glasses. I love wearing sunglasses, because I have a collection and whether it’s raining or sunny I don’t care I always have sunglasses in my hand bag.

You posted lovely pictures on Instagram. Do you have any Fashion/Modelling tips for upcoming fashion personalities?

Well I think my Instagram still needs a lot of work but one tip is to post clear pictures. I have noticed that when I post clear pictures I get more engagement and it’s even more annoying for me when I go on somebody’s page and I’m struggling to see the pictures. Also there is this layout everybody is doing and that would be my second tip, if your page looks very clean and it’s not all over the place I think that attracts people more to following you, to liking your pictures and maybe even pay you to be an influencer. The third thing I would say is Filters are your friend but don’t use too much filters.

Are you currently in a relationship?

None of your business. My P.R said yes is the answer.

idia aisien


Off the top of your head, what meal are you craving?

Johnnie Rocket Burger – it’s the single spoke Salmon and it comes with barbeque sauce. And Tokyo James must not hear me saying this but that’s where I am going from this interview.

What was your very first designer piece and did you get it yourself?

My very first designer piece was a piece from my elder brother. He got me Louis Vuitton Damier Alma bag. I think I was in my Sophomore year, which was like 2008 or 2009. Then the second was the red Venice Louis Vuitton bag as well. And then the first self-bought designer items I had were two Louis Vuitton pairs of shoes I got after my first high paying job. I got black and I got nude.

What is your favorite song at the moment?

My favorite song is a song by Adele called I MISS YOU. If anyone noticed, I actually played it 8 times on set today and I think nobody paid attention to that, but that’s my absolute favourite song. I think I have listened to it about 700 times now on my iPod. Its deep, it’s slow and its fast at the same time, it makes you happy and sad at same time. There’s just a mixed of whirlwind of emotions running through me when I hear the song, I dance to it in my head, I am imagining and visualizing when I am listening to the song, it’s crazy. It’s like a fashion song, it’s a bedroom song it’s – I don’t know, it’s an everything song.

idia aisien


What’s your advice for newcomers trying to break into the entertainment industry?

The advice I give to anybody that is trying to break into fashion or media industry is that there is room for everybody. The market is not yet saturated and there’s still space at the table to bring in your own ideas, to carve your own niche. I mean, come on the competition is exciting, it’s only going to get better, it’s only going to improve and grow our industries so come on. See you at the top.

You love travelling, tell us  about your favourite place/beach in the world.

A. My favorite place in the world is New York City, because when I lived there it felt like home. I also really loved Morocco, because the hospitality there is unmatched.
Styling: Tokyo James @tokyojamesCreative Direction: Tokyo James @tokyojames

Assisted by: Eromosele Patrick Eidusi @rickdusi

Photography: Kelvin Oladiran

Swimwears: @AndreaIyamah and @sshhhlingerie

Graphics: Adedayo Adegbamigbe @dezzy_conceptk

Video Editing: Oluwatosin Olateru

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