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The Cover Jan ’18 – DJ Sose’s Epic Life Story

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By Oluwaseun Ashiru

As a child, he was submerged in a diverse range of musical cultures and genres, ranging from classic to blues and country, among others. DJ Sose has been captivated by music literally from birth, as his father used to be a DJ also, hence the passion for this desired profession emerged.

DJ Sose

Named Thomas Amar-Aigbe, the man we now know as DJ Sose was born June 5, 1981, to a Hungarian mother and a Nigerian father. He hails from Edo State, Nigeria and was born and raised in Ibadan.

He decided to nurture his naturally gifted talent following a sojourn to Hungary when it was evident to him that his awareness of what sounded appealing to the masses from various social and cultural backgrounds was proven a success due to his popular demand and ability to satisfy and connect with his audience.

DJ Sose

Sose was based in the United Kingdom, where he was open to different types of clientele and his adoration for travelling has had immense impact in every unique performance, not by playing contemporary or commercial music, but by extracting and recognizing materials that have never been heard before.

No doubt, he is one of the most handsome Nigerian DJs, who is easily recognized due to the signatory tattoo on his face. He is one of the popular DJs, who is also well known for appearing in several music videos.
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DJ Sose has travelled to many countries to sharpen his skills in DJ, and is highly intelligent. In fact, apart his musical dexterity, he also manages his father’s welfares worth millions of Naira.

Meet top-rated DJ Sose on Accelerate TV’s The Cover below:

See excerpts:

Q: How did you get into music?

A: I come from a musical background. My dad was very much into music, my mum as well. Growing up I listened to different genres from classics, disco, rhythm and blues, country; plus my dad was a DJ as well; and as they say, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

DJ Sose

Q: How have culture and the overseas influenced your music?
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A: Music wise, it was a case where – here ( in Nigeria) I was fixed on type and structure, based on clientele but there (overseas) it was more vast; and I got to DJ for different cultures, but here it’s more of African culture. Also, there is a bit of Hindu, Chinese, Korean, different African, British, German, Russian, Mongolians Vietnamese and I got to experience a lot in culture for music and my library had to grow and try to accommodate and make sure everyone had fun, which was a bit tricky but it was a good experience and I learnt how to be diverse.

Q: What was your dad’s reaction the day he saw you with your tattoo

A: That day was epic, I walked in he looked at me funny, turned and walked out but then, my mum was comfortable with it,  she was like its bringing you money right and I said yes and she said cool.

Q:  How has the tattoo helped with getting chicks?

A: Some are intrigued and want to know me more, some see it as a taboo and stay away. It’s 50/50.

DJ Sose

Q: What projects are you currently working on?

A: Well the main one is, I have my own comic character called Beats. We have released 2 issues and we are now working on the Third one – a super hero that has powers in regards to sound (can control sound). At night, he saves people and doesn’t classify himself as a hero and does it because he doesn’t like bullies. I teamed up with Comic Republic and Jide designed everything. That’s the main project but others are coming later.

Q: Are you a bathroom singer?

A: Heck no.

DJ Sose

Q: Who is the craziest person you know?

A: Honestly, myself and Denrele and no other person, because I can’t think of any other.

Q: Sexual fantasies?

A: Let’s put it like this err… I’ve done it so much that a couple of the ex-girlfriends, when ‘50 Shades Of Grey’ came out tagged me as the character Christian Grey straight up.

Q: One word to describe your life story

A: Epic!

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Styling: Tokyo James @tokyojames

Creative Direction: Tokyo James @tokyojames

Assisted by: Eromosele Patrick Eidusi @rickdusi

Graphics Designer: Adedayo Adegbamigbe @dezzy_conceptk

Video Editor: Oluwatosin Olateru @demotology

Photography: Kelvin Oladiran

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