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ACCELERATE TV’s July 2020 digital cover star, WURLD, opens up about his meteoric rise to fame, the reason behind his catchy name and why his sound is needed in the music scene.

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Disclaimer: WURLD’s cover interview took place despite the Coronavirus outbreak but all necessary precautions were taken to maintain the safety and health of the cast and crew.

SUIT by ATAFO /  Jewellery (throughout), his own

I first met Sadiq Onifade aka WURLD, a year and two weeks ago. 

(Yes, I have the ability to recall exact dates, when worthy occurrences cause such info to be engraved in my mind.)

I was going through a rough patch, having moved back to Nigeria and realising the experience was nothing close to what I’d imagined

I was in dire need of a fun, soulful outing to get me out of my funk. 

My girl reached out to invite me to THE LOVE IS CONTAGIOUS EXPERIENCE,

an intimate night with the musician known as WurlD

It was a closed affair with a little over 20 people at the event,

but with every song he crooned,

he managed to make everyone feel the intensity of his words and imagine that they and him were the only people in the room. 

Listening to him go through his album, I felt at peace with my roots but still enjoyed flecks of a rustic westernised sound…

 a balance I didn’t even know I needed.

WURLD truly affected me that day and I quickly realised that this afrofusion artiste was one to watch.

Fast forward to July 2020

post his hugely successful studio album ad his highly anticipated EP, 

I’m happy to report that WURLD is still the same warm, energetic and ready to get straight to business individual from the year before. 

As he enters the studio, he’s calm and collected, choosing to gauge his surroundings thoroughly. 

As we proceed with the shoot, he comes out of his shell and begins to joke with everyone on set.

He is very involved with all his ensembles, choosing to don his signature chain link choker, with his brighter than white kicks from the onset and throughout.

He needs little to no creative direction from the minute the camera goes off and albeit being a bit skeptical, has now become a new convert to Ajoke rice (shoutout Tastee Fried Chicken).

Watch the video to see how he’s navigating the industry, the inspiration behind his new EP and lots more exclusive info.

How did the name WurlD come about?

When I started my artiste career, the type of songs I was working on got my friends saying, these songs sound so international, very worldly. They couldn’t really put their fingers on what it was, only how it made them feel…the producers working on the songs suggested world… spelt with an ‘O’ at the time. 


To be honest, I was truly scared about it so I took time to really think about the name… I remember going to sleep and thinking- this actually sounds right…after a month, I chose to go with it but I changed the name to WurlD… spelt with a “U”


What makes your sound relevant within Africa?

So a little story… I released a song called SHOW YOU OFF and before creating that song, I became aware of Afro beats and where African music was going and I felt that we were going to get to a space where the whole world would be looking.
I felt like Africa had a diverse sound and lots of musicians with different ranges

But they weren’t coming out boldly to proclaim their sound. I felt like I needed to come out and do more.


Take us through your creative process?

My music creative process is very simple, it’s just me in the studio, me and the mic. The funny thing is that a lot of people require people around them ..

And usually, there are a lot of people in the studio working with other people, there’s different ideas, different melodies…it’s hard for you to focus on

 Good thing I can engineer so throughout my creative process it’s me, myself and I. 

How did the SARZ collaboration come about?

I remember being in L.A. in 2017, my music producer told me, you need to meet this producer…He played me some tracks and one of the tracks was TROBUL and I loved it immediately…
I said ‘yo let me work on that‘, the next day i played TROBUL for him and that was that…everything just happened after that… I remember going to bed that day 
and the next day we both said the same thing…we need to collaborate ASAP!

How are you using your platform to speak out and make a positive impact in our world?

The most important thing is awareness…
Being aware of my position and the fact that people pay attention to what i see and what i do…i need to be more aware and more sensitive…

When it comes to matters that involve humanity, regardless of where you are…the reality of the world we live in is that we need to be empathetic because we are humans first and foremost…

Also I try to say and do things that will surely motivate people 

What should we expect from WurlD this year and beyond?

More love, there’s love in giving…and loads of inspiration.

I mean I was inspired by so many people growing up, I was inspired by some of the greatest artistes…people that had more to give than the music

Music is just a tool and I’m striving to be the best person I can be through inspiring and through love


Creative Direction: Tokyo James

Styling: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

Photography: Mikey Oshai

Graphics: Adedayo Adegbami

Outfits: ATAFO & The Ruiin

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono