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Bowofoluwa Odunsi popularly known as the ODUNSI (THE ENGINE) is a singer and producer from Lagos, Nigeria.

odunsi the engine

The talented artiste sits confidently at the centre of the widely acclaimed Afro-Fusion and he has been consistent with this new sound. He recently signed a deal with Universal Music here, he tells us all about it.

Odunsi has been making music from a very young age right from Primary School and now has production credits on several songs.

The music enthusiast recently signed a deal with Universal Music.

With all these accolades in his pocket, Odunsi does not ‘loud it’. In a rather cool, calm and collected form, he walked onto Accelerate TV for his interview and photo shoot and we definitely enjoyed ourselves.

odunsi the engine

He released his first EP ‘Time of Our Lives’ (T.O.O.L) in August 2016 and his work is now on various platforms, including Apple Music, MTV base and Sound Cloud.

Enjoy our time with the creative hot cake in The Cover Video below:

What does “The Engine” in your name stand for?

It doesn’t mean anything to me to be honest. It’s Just a Nickname I got in High School just from my friends. I used to add it to my social media so it just stuck after a while.

You started music very early, how did it all start?
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odunsi the engine cover

I have always been around it (music), because my older siblings used to play music in our house then and I found it easy to know lyrics to songs and beats of old songs – early 2000s and late 1990s – and some other records that my mum and dad would play. Also, when I was in High School, I got introduced to a software that has features like drums and music. So I started messing around with that. During my free time, I will watch YouTube tutorials and learn how to just make stuffs and that was when I really started.

You recently signed a deal with Universal Music?


odunsi the engine cover

So what’s the difference between working as an Indie artist and working with a label?

I mean with the nature of my deal with Universal, that’s a single distribution deal, so how it works is I am still an Indie Artist on other phases, but I decided to work with Universal on projects because its all-about conversations. Whatever artist you are, or whatever kind of artist you are, if you have people who understand the vision you have for something and they key into it, it is always okay to work with them, because you cannot do everything on your own. There are things that people know that you don’t know especially in the climate we are in, where the industry is so saturated and there’s so much music coming out and you might just need an edge over people sometimes.

If you could make music in any era what era will it be?


80’s why?

I just like the way everything seemed very feisty in that era.

odunsi the engine cover

Is there a Fashion style for alternative music?

It just has to do with revolution, and by revolution, I mean Cycles of life, as in return of eras or recycled eras or moods. I think there’s nothing really new about fashion. So for example, maybe more people may wear tucked in T-shirts now, like when 2Baba first started out, he wore tucked in T-shirts, but now that has changed, so it’s just like cycles. There’s always something to go against the norm… That’s what I believe I don’t think it’s anything too deep.

Is the alternative music genre truly unrelatable as of today?

I don’t know about others but I will speak for myself. I feel like with Music you can only tell your story or relate what you understand to people so you can’t try to be someone you are not. So I feel like my music shouldn’t be so hard to relate with because I don’t think I am talking about anything that’s too deep. I think the problem is the Sonics. It’s not really with what we are saying, because we are not really saying anything so special or deep. There’s a lot of Afro popular music out right now; that’s the most popular sound out of Nigeria and Africa itself. There is a particular rhythm that always carries it. So anything that doesn’t really sound in that area might sound a little strange to people and that’s may be why they do not relate to it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that anything we are saying or the music we are making is not relatable, it’s just Sonics. It happens. It takes a while for it to sink in.

odunsi the engine cover

As a singer, songwriter, producer what process do you enjoy the most?

Lately, I haven’t been producing as much, but I know that when I do, I enjoy producing more than any other thing maybe, because that’s what I started with, so it’s always where my heart is.

What influences your choice of outfit?

The ones on top, whichever one I see first.

odunsi the engine cover

What interests you the most in Fashion?

I think I like shoes. I like looking at shoes and I like black and white a lot.

What’s your most comfortable sleeping outfit?

Not wearing anything it’s my most comfortable sleep outfit.

Check out his supercharged photos below:

odunsi the engine cover odunsi the engine cover


INTERVIEW BY: Eromosele Patrick Eidusi


Creative Direction: Tokyo James

Assisted By: Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

Video Editing: Oluwatosin Olateru

Graphics: Adedayo Adegbami

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