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Kemi Adetiba’s King Women series is showing on Accelerate TV and we had the privilege of sitting down with the A-list movie Director to talk about her inspiration and goal behind the series.

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Kemi aims to touch lives with these amazing stories and here is how she went about achieving the great series:

– What is the inspiration behind King Women?

A lot of people ask me the question, ‘why the name King Women?’ I have had people ask me, are you trying to say that queens are not as strong and important as kings?’ And that’s not the case at all. Now let me tell you a story.

When I was about 13 years old, I remember I was in my mom’s room watching her put on her makeup. Her younger brother, the youngest of the family had just come back from The States and he was there just teasing her, like brothers and sisters do. He was poking her in the ribs and he kept on going ‘Obong Awan, Obong Awan’ and my mom would go, ‘Peter stop it oh, Peter leave me alone oh’. It was like a fun thing. And then I remember he turned to me and said ‘Do you know what ‘Obong Awan’ means?’ and I said ‘no I don’t’ and he goes, ‘They are trying to give your Mom a title called Obong Awan but she doesn’t want to take it’. And he says, ‘the direct translation of Obong Awan means “King Woman”.

That term stuck in my head for so many years. My mother is the perfect embodiment of what King Women means to me and she is actually the inspiration behind this series.

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– Why did you embark on this interview series?

One of the reasons why I thought it was imperative for me to do the King Women series is that I feel like there were a lot of girls that need direction. There are a lot of girls that feel life happens to them and they don’t know the next step to take, a lot of girls that do not see a way out of their circumstance.

I wanted to bring what I have learnt, somewhat from my mother, to them because I had the benefit of living with my mother, living in the same house, learning at her feet but I do realise that not a lot of girls have the opportunity of having strong female mentors and that is the reason why this series was very important to showcase. So I brought together thirteen amazing, inspirational women just to show these young girls that no matter what life throws at you, you can always beat it and overcome.

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– Any words of encouragement for the viewers of King Women?

This has been such an amazing journey for me. So many times I sat across these remarkable women and I could not believe that I had the privilege of sitting there and hearing their inspiring stories. Let’s not be afraid to share our stories, because you do not know what little girl you would inspire to become a King Woman.

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Don’t miss out on being a part of this amazing experience with Kemi Adetiba’s King Women.

Transcribed from video by Nkem Ikeh

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