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Do you know how long it has been since anyone last heard of the superstar that is Korede Bello?

 It’s been a while! And I mean a whiiiiiiiiiile! But I’m happy to report that the young star is back, and not only is he back – he’s back, better, stronger, and also … sexier *wink*. Oh and he’s super muscular now; my good man has been hitting the gym day in/day out and the ladies are loving it!!!

Allow him to reintroduce himself 

Korede came back with a bang! He came back in a way that got everybody talking. Firstly, he surprised everybody with a new look; his hair. Remember when Korede Bello had Jerry curls in a mohawk? Yeah he has cut all of that off and he has also grown a beard; we are definitely here for this! 

Secondly, he released his first single of the year, a love song, just a few days before Valentine’s day, with a grown and sexy sound! I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve missed hearing Korede Bello sing. On behalf of everyone, thank you for this awesome Valentine’s day present, Korede.

Obviously, we’re all wondering where he has been all this while and what he has been up to – well it turns out, the Mavins artiste has been on a hiatus of reinvention and growth. “Where have I been? I’ve been around, never left, I’ve been working on my craft, been re-inventing myself, been working on sharpening my skills and figuring out what really matters in this life”.

I can totally see the re-invention… besides his appearance, his attitude is different, he’s a lot calmer, and a lot more philosophical.  Korede Bello is such a sweet person, he’s actually one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. He’s easy to work with, easy to talk to and very understanding, and I’m guessing that’s why his fans love him. Speaking of fans, I know we were all wondering if he ever felt pressured to release new music during the hiatus. 

Well here’s what Korede had to say, “I did feel a certain type of pressure to give my fans a part of me because I see the genuineness, they keep messaging me every day to ask where I am. And for me, life is about community and what I’ve always tried to do with my music is to bring people together, and because of that, I’ve felt the need to release music for them 

You know sometimes artistes take long breaks and find it hard to get back into the game (the music industry) but Korede Bello doesn’t believe that will be the case for him and he has proven it with his latest single, SUN MO MI  “As long as people feel the need to be loved, as long as people need to feel happy, as long as people need to feel like they belong, or people need to feel like they connect with something, I’d always have an audience and that’s why I’m here, Korede got his groove back

Speaking of music, is Korede Bello’s sound different now?  My sound is my essence, my sound is in my meaning and what I mean by that is, it’s not really about the sound, it’s more about what the sound is expressing. My sound expresses joy, hope, and love. I’ve never been the type to be limited, from my first song “African Princess” to “Godwin”, these are different songs; none of those songs sound alike, in terms of sound. I’m not the type to be put in a box, as long as I feel the need to express myself with a particular type of sound, I will do it”

The one thing I’m completely excited about is the fact that Korede has exclusively confirmed that many more collaborations are in the works, especially with upcoming artistes. I remember he had quite a couple of international collaborations but now he wants to create with more people at home  “I will be doing a lot of collaborations, especially collaborating with new cats, because it feels good to put people on, cause I was put on as well. So I’ll be looking out for talented people to just make beautiful music with” 

On his advice to people who want to get into the industry he says ” It’s not a game, it’s a platform for service, and if awards come with that, if hit songs come with that, if Grammys come with that, that’s okay, but the first thing is, prioritize service over accolades. If not, it’s just going to be a game and with every game, there’s a winner and a loser but if its a community, everybody is a winner”

Watch the full interview below: 

You can listen to his come back single ‘Sun Mo Mi’ below:

Creative Director: Tokyo James

Cover Story: Dammy Eneli

Fashion Editor: Joan Vincent-Otiono

Photography: Mikey Oshai

Outfits: Tokyo James x Maxivive

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