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The Cover November 2020 Digital Magazine- TG OMORI

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ACCELERATE TV’s November 2020 digital cover star, TG OMORI, has shot and chopped almost all the hit music videos that have graced our screens.

Some of these stellar videos include;

Burna Boy’s ‘ODOGWU’ visuals,

Joe Boy’s ‘CALL’ video,

Naira Marley’s infamous ‘ AM I A YAHOO BOY’ video

Major visuals for Falz, Olamide, Wizkid, Timaya, Kiss Daniel, Fireboy DML; the list is endless.


“Building my clientele was a gradual process that picked up from every mind-blowing video I directed..I’d just get a call, execute, then another client would call and book me and so on and so forth”

In his first-ever magazine cover shoot,

he opens up about his insatiable love for videography, what birthed the catchy name ‘Boy Director’, the biggest challenge he’s faced in the entertainment industry, and how he bounced back successfully from it.

In his resonating interview, take note of the pearls of wisdom he shared (to the Nigerian youth who look up to him)

and feel free to roll on the floor laughing at his responses to a light game of F, Marry, Kill.



(oh how excited are we that he chose us for his first-ever magazine cover debut!)

‘TG OMORI is creative, he is different, he is LIFESTYLE!’

Three Piece by NEXT BERRIES /  Jewellery (throughout), his own


Born Thank God Omori, TG OMORI or Boy Director, as he’s fondly called, is a pure character and a half!

It’s hard to come across a more animated individual than the 25-year-old megastar-in-the-making.
From his quirky ad-libs, his infectious laughter, and his lighthearted nature there’s little to not love about him.

I use the term mega star because to know TG is to know how dedicated, driven, focused, and uniquely professional he is. All the qualities of a megastar. 

How did the name Boy Director come about?

I used to direct when I was very very young. I started directing when I  was about 16, 17 and so my friends would call me – Boy DIRECTOR…but not music, I used to direct stage plays and church productions …It was very funny but the name stuck!



Corduroy Jacket & Pants by NEXT BERRIES /  Boots by KIING DAVIIDS

TG OMORI’s love for fashion enabled this shoot to be such a daring experience.

As a stylist and fashion journalist, I’ve come across different characters- some who blatantly are uninterested in fashion and the few percentages, who not only give their time to listen to ideas, they also work alongside me to plan and execute the creative…

Simply put, TG is the latter.

“If I could describe my style I’d say it’s wayward and daring!”


Not only did he bring over assets to properly translate his style, he was super open to the edgy leathery, vinyl alternative bad boy persona we brought to life.

” For me, fashion is a lifestyle! Irrespective of the fact that I’m a director, I still make out time to look good.”


Mr. Omori has worked with the biggest stars in the game. Thereby making him a celeb too in my eyes but he doesn’t see himself as a star, talk less of the biggest video director in the game.

The Boy Director just works with energy and makes his work a lifestyle.

What’s one of the least favourite experiences youve had since joining this industry?

Ok, so my least favourite experience (that presented lots of challenges for me) turned out to be one of my favourite videos ever.

This was when we were shooting Oxlade’s AWAY videoand the COVID 19 pandemic was at its peak.

Logistics issues came into play, we had plans to shoot out of nigeria yet unfortunately, we could not travel. Everything had to be re-planned from scratch, it was so stressful and uncomfortable the whole process-but it turned out to be one of my favourite videos because it’s a lesson learnt 

On his background and his directorial debut 

My background is religious courtesy my parents, I grew up in the church and was the leader of my drama group.. That’s actually where my love for storytelling and directing was birthed.

On the first time he picked up a camera;

I picked up the camera and started playing with it. I just wanted to have that skill because no knowledge is a waste. So from a harmless skill, I fell in love with the camera and the rest was history.

What is one thing people would be shocked to know about you?

“I don’t think a lot of people know that I can play football. When I was younger I played active football but didn’t end up pursuing it as a career. To be honest *he laughs* if I still get the chance to play in the leagues, I would play!”


Aside from just his video directing, I really wanted to highlight his natural entrepreneurial spirit.

You had plans on starting a workshop for young business savvy minds like yourself, who look up to you in the entertainment field

Yes, that plan is still in motion. Once we getthe right sponsors on board and everything is laigned properly, we’d take it from there.

This interview comes at a time where the Nigerian youth are searching for the right burst of energy. Well,  TG OMORI, is all that and more!

Join his 300,000 followers to stay up to date with his movements via this link 



Creative Direction: Tokyo James


Photography: Mikey Oshai

Graphics: Adedayo Adegbami

Outfits: NEXTBERRIES & Kiing Daviids

Cover Story: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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