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The Cover September 2020 – UNDER 40 CEOS

For this month’s cover, as Under 40 CEOS celebrate their 5th year in existence, we sit down with 5 of their very own to discuss everything from the benefits of the platform to their individual style and advice they wish they were told before starting out.’

The conversation was insightful, inspiring, and filled with many unexpected laughs.

5 Years Of Excellence

Following the economic ruins caused by the pandemic and the low morale shadowing us due to the death of Chadwick Boseman, we all need a reason to believe in ourselves and an incentive to revisit our entrepreneurial goals.

That inspiration is here courtesy the UNDER 40 CEOs

It’s normal for entrepreneurs and investors to focus solely on boosting significant growth in their enterprises

However, the community of under 40 CEOS has shown that the greatest return is in reinventing an entire industry and building the next generation up through intense mentorship and provision of opportunities to thrive.

5 for 5

Of all the numerous CEO members of this community and taking into consideration their five laudable years of existence,

I thought it would be important to highlight five – who are reinventing entire industries.

All the featured CEOS have two things in common:

1.)  Mega industries,

Spanning: architecture, fashion, retail, furniture, interior decor, music management, and even cryptocurrency!


2.) A love for boosting made in Nigeria/buy Nigerian products in order to grow the Naira.

When discussing their experience so far with UNDER 40 CEOs, in unison they agree that the benefits are endless- “power of networking, unique collaborations, the opportunity to find mentors, share advice and experience with others, thereby enabling their businesses to succeed immensely.”

Scroll to learn more about these transformative CEOS who within minutes of acquaintance exemplify the epitome of the boy/girl next door;


Meet Under 40 CEOS
Tosin Osinowo

Ceo Of Ile-Ila

CEO of Cm Design Atelier

Tosin Amusan

CEO Of Grant Quartermaine


Temitope Olagbegi

CEO at Sixth Sense limited


Familiusi Babajide

Executive Director at Under 40 CEOs Africa

Michael Ugwu

CEO at Free ME Digital



Photography: Moments Ideal Concepts

Cover Story By Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

Styling: Kanyinslola Latinwo

Graphics: Adedayo Adegbami

Make-Up: BM Pro Makeup

Hair: Tobbies Touch

Outfits: David Wej

Remay Couture

Lady Biba 


By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono