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Written By Ugochi Obiajunwa

There is a cool makeup trend really making waves in the beauty world and that is, the ‘cut crease’ eye makeup. Just as the name implies, it is a technique used to define the crease by cutting across it with a contrasting eyeshadow colour and little to no blending. A cut crease is a great thing for those of us with extra small, deep-set or hooded eyes. A cut crease can make these shapes appear to be bigger and brighter. Even if you have large eyes, you can play them up and show them off in a grander way with a cut crease.

Creating a cut crease isn’t terribly complicated. Simply put, it’s a way of applying shadow that creates depth and dimension to your eyes. You don’t need a special tool or expensive product, just your go-to eyeshadow palette, a blending brush, and some patience.

Achieving this look, involves going through the following steps:

1. Apply A Primer

Applying a primer before your eyeshadow is a super important step you should be doing all the time. A primer will help the shadow go on smooth and pigmented.

2. Apply A Transition Shade

A light matte brown, warm or cool, serves as great transition shade. You want to ease the transition from skin to shadow, and something a little darker than your skin tone helps do that in a way that looks blended and natural.

3. Stick To Mattes When Creating A Crease

When you’re creating a crease, mattes are the most natural shades to use. After your transition shade, you can use darker browns and neutrals to deepen your crease.

4. Use A Fluffy Brush

A soft, rounded blending brush is the best tool for creating the illusion of a natural cut crease. When in doubt, just keep blending!

5. Hold Your Brush At An Angle

Instead of holding your brush upright, which can cause a harsher line, hold the brush upward and at an angle for a softer application.

6. Blend Out With A Transition Shade

Once you’ve created a deeper crease using a darker shadow, you can go back over it with a little bit of the transition shade to soften.

7. Do The Lid Last

If you want to apply shimmering shadows to your lid, do that last. That way, the color looks applied to a natural crease. Otherwise, your shadows may blend too much together and drown out the crease.

This look suits all types of hairstyles most especially any hairstyle that doesn’t cover the beauty of the look yet enhances the makeup. When pairing this look with your fashion pieces, it’s important to know that this look plays cool with every fashion trend and thanks to it being able to grace every event, you are sure set to go!

Now try to achieve any of these cut crease looks below:


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