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MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours! I have sourced the most unique Christmas gift of 2019.

I am a sucker for capsule collections for a few reasons…

They are usually always exclusive (only a few pieces made).

The designer probably felt like trying something different (hence the reason it’s not the main collection).

Capsule collections are exciting and almost always stand out; (the designer wants to push himself beyond his normal grain).

One of the most recent capsule collections shaking up the fashion world is that of Virgil Abloh, whose creative mind upon studying masterpieces from The Louvre museum reinvented fashion.

Virgil is no novice to shaking up the fashion world. In 2013, he used his brand OFF – WHITE to break through cultural barriers in fashion. He made streetwear palatable to people from all walks of life yet covetable to the wealthy.

Co-sining with Kanye West played a role in reverberating Virgil’s creativity and putting his name upon more lips than before.

This year, his hard work didn’t go unnoticed. VA recently got appointed as artistic director of menswear for Louis Vuitton and that was a wonderful day for Black Excellence.

Now he has taken things up a notch.

A coloured man in the Louvre (the world’s most famous museum) digesting the masterpieces, studying the paintings and eventually making wearable art?!

The capsule collection consists of t-shirts and sweatshirts that clearly venerate Leonardo da Vinci by merging sections of the artist’s paintings with the Off-White™ logo.

The Off-White™ c/o Virgil Abloh x The Louvre Museum collection is available to purchase with prices ranging from £240 (N108,000) to £435 (N195,750).

Yes, you read that right so don’t get tempted if its above your budget 😉

Scroll through to see The Drop!!!




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