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I’m completely in love with the #FlipTheSwitchChallenge , no I don’t think you understand; I once innocently typed #FlipTheSwitchChallenege in my Instagram search bar because I was looking for the one that JLo and Alex Rodriguez did and before I knew it, I had spent three hours going through almost all the challenges. Don’t judge me, the thing is hilarious AF.

And because I want to prove that those three hours were not a waste of my time, (BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT) I decided to share some of the funniest ones I came across on both Instagram and Twitter (yeah after the three hours on Instagram I moved to Twitter- DON’T. JUDGE. ME)


So check out some of the funniest Flip the switch videos below, some of your favorite celebrities are even there :

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#fliptheswitchchallenge #fliptheswitch I was forced πŸ™„

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