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Eartha kitt

We are taking a look at the origins of the little black dress and how it managed to capture our hearts for a century and beyond.

The little black dress (or LBD, as it is commonly abbreviated) was a uniform designed to keep certain women in their place.

Only later was it reintroduced as haute couture for women of taste.

From the roaring twenties to the new millennium, scroll through to see


In the year 1920, the most important trailblazers of the little black dress

were not designers nor aristocrats, but masses of working-class women.

Little black dress

In  1926, young Coco Chanel designed a long-sleeved, calf-length, black sheath dress

The sketch of which was featured in the OctoberVogue edition for that year and was an elevated celebration of what was already the actual uniform of many working-class women.

Meanwhile, despite popular belief,

Coco Chanel did NOT invent the little black dress,

However, she was astute enough to pick up on the underlying trend that made it popular.


The following years saw a surge in the LBD designs.

Dior reigned in the 1950s,

Givenchy did amazing work in the 1960s;

Audrey Hepburn lbd

Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy had the most enviable designer-muse duo


In almost all her movies, Givenchy used her costumes to celebrate the Little Black Dress.

Vivienne Westwood also joined the LBD designer party in the 1970s.



 In 1980, designer Azzedine Alaia used the LBD to help carve his niche


Yohji Yamamoto followed up in 1990.

And can we ever forget, the Christina Stambolia LBD

princess diana little black dress

which Princess Diana donned as a Revenge Dress after her ex, Prince Charles confessed to having an affair

The gorgeous black off-shoulder design for the Serpentine Gallery’s summer party in June 1994 went down in history as a key moment in the late Princess’ fashion legacy.



The new Millenium saw supermodel,

kate moss

Kate Moss, in a variety of little black frocks

which she lived in throughout the decade and revolutionised.



In 2017, the popular antique museum,


auctioned off 140 little black dresses at an event titled,

Les Petites Robes Noires, 1921–2010,”

The event featured vintage dresses of various delicious textures and fabrics,

collected by the fashion antiquarian Didier Ludot.

The collection included iconic pieces from Chanel, Givenchy, and Hermès with certain vintage frocks fetching over 20,000 euros per piece.



Fast forward to 2020, this whole post was inspired by Catherine Reitman

An actress and producer who is work chic goals

as she plays a marketing executive on her show Workin’ Moms.

I don’t care too much about her personality in the show

but I can’t NOT like her because the LBD’s she stays serving for her workwear wardrobe

keeps me coming back all the time.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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